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Bringing Value to the Class. Custom Bringing Value to the Class Essay Writing Service || Bringing Value to the Class Essay samples, help

Being a woman who has spent her first 24 years of her life in Iran and another 13 years in US, including personal, professional as well as educational experience in each country, I have been enabled to bring a unique perspective to the community in Babson and to my classmates. Having being raised in Iran and seen the life in US, I am fortunate to have been challenged and changed many of my belief systems including the role of women in business and entrepreneurship. My involvement with entrepreneur women in both parts of the world has made me quite optimistic that with right leadership skills and education one can make a positive impact on the life of those who need it the most.

I started out as a Software Engineer at a Startup in San Francisco and though I enjoyed solving problems, I realized that I was a lot more interested in the business aspects. My interest led me to pursue Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing which helped me fine-tune my analytical decision making skills in the business world. Soon after I pursued Project Management and after completing PM at UC Berkeley, I joined Northrop Grumman as a Project Manager of their BI division. Overviewing many people's career life, I noticed many people are not in the right job. Being in wrong jobs affected their health, relationship, financial and career potential.  I saw this as a business opportunity. I started developing a model to help people find the right job corresponding to their uniqueness which according to me is their core personality strengths, passion, skill and even pain. My business model changed with time, expanding my business to training, and thereby enabling me to raise more funds and developed new partnership.

Currently, I am very interested in finding the dynamics of motivation and inspiration which led me to my first startup and which was focused on just that. I researched the market potential for such a service and was able to surround myself with a team that shared the vision and was excited about making a difference using our coaching startup platform.  This allowed me to interact with people from various backgrounds which greatly enhanced my ability to understand and put in prospective experiences which shape our lives.

Bringing Value to the Class. Custom Bringing Value to the Class Essay Writing Service || Bringing Value to the Class Essay samples, help

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