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Fishing In the North Carolina Mountains. Custom Fishing In the North Carolina Mountains Essay Writing Service || Fishing In the North Carolina Mountains Essay samples, help

Fishing is one of the economic activities in the history of mankind. The ancient societies relied on fish as part of their food and therefore, compelled certain groups of people among them to pursue fishing as an economic activity and therefore a way of earning their living. As time went by and human beings developed industries and enlarged their markets through an enhanced trading system, fish became one of the commodities that were sold on these markets. Therefore, fish was either dried or packed in deep freezing equipments such as fridges to preserve them.  However, in the recent times, fishing has become a sport, an activity of leisure among most communities. Recently, I had an opportunity of going on a fishing expedition in the North Carolina Mountains.The North Carolina Mountains is a place that is endowed with many fishing spots in North Carolina. There are various water bodies in this place; streams, small lakes, brooks and other waters sources that have formed homes for different types of fish. As a result, both locals and visitors such as tourists in this area have found them to be appropriate places where one can go fishing. On the other hand, there are different types of fish that is found in these places. In this regard, there are different ways that are used to fish, thus offering people an unforgettable experience of fishing. Being a person who loves to explore the world around me and the determination to experience new adventures in my life, I set out to go fishing in the North Carolina recently to have an experience that in most cases I have come across in the media, such as newspaper, commentaries, radio, internet and also heard from friends who have gone on vacation in this place.I begun my journey quite early in order to get to this place as early as possible so as to have enough time of fishing and to learn about different types of fish found in this place. The weather was favorably cool and this sounded as an advantage to me since I could spend a whole day on my vacation without the fear of hot temperatures that have been found to be a hindrance to enjoying one's expedition. I arrived at the North Carolina Mountains at around 8:30 in the morning and immediately found a company of age mates, whom we made friends and begun our expedition. We got a guide who was to take us through the whole experience of fishing and partly swimming. When the tour began and I realized that it was going to be an adventure that I had never experienced before in my life.Our tour guide advised us to go fishing for Bass first. Our tour guide informed us that this was going to be an adventure as well as a sport since Bass fishing. While our fishing gear was heavy because we had packed different fishing gear, the anxiety to pull the first fish out of the water kept us going, with every minute that went by leaving us with a sense of high expectation. The Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests were our targeted areas since it was argued that there were different species of Bass fish in this area. On arrival, we offloaded our fishing gear and prepared ourselves to begin fishing. We were instructed that most of the fishing activities would involve angling, i.e. using hooks to fish. I was eager to test my fishing gear, especially the fishing rod, since I had never used them before.
There are various ways that are used to catch fish such as the Bass species. These include the use of a net, traps and hooks. However, since this was an expedition, we used a rod and a reel that had a hook on which bait, either natural or artificial was attached to attract these fish. I found it so interesting to through the bait into the water and wait for the fish to come and eat what I had used as bait. I remember on one occasion when I had thrown the bait into the water and I could see the lines being pulled away as the fish struggled to eat this bait.Our tour guide informed us that it was very important for one to know the habitat of these fish. This was because one's chances of catching these fish were increased when one had identified the exact habitat of these fish. Therefore, we identified a spot where according to our tour guide we were more likely to catch these fish more than in any other place. According to Bash Fishing and Catching website (2008-2009), there are certain characteristics of Bash fish that plays an important role in enabling them to keep away from predators. Among these characteristics are the sensory organs that allow them to sense things that are happening around them. For example, according to this website, these fish have five senses like human beings and a sixth sense that allows them to be fully aware of their environment. Similarly, Bass fish are known for their ability to fight for their lives. As a result, while they are difficult to catch, they add flavor to the fishing spot as one has to use different tactics to be able to catch them.The Bash fish, Trout, Brim and Cat Fish have been found to thrive well in an environment with fresh water and more so with a surrounding environment with small or densely populated forest cover. This is because, such environments have been found to provide food for them, especially the plankton and other plants that are found in fresh water. It is also important to note that you can find these types of fish in water levels where one can be able to wade through since they are not deep sea fish. Therefore, while on this expedition, we were able to identify a place that had shallow water in which we were able to walk through as we laid out our traps. We were also informed that the general environment also played a key role in enabling fishermen to be able to catch these fish.
There are various tips that we were told were necessary for one to be able to catch these fish. These tips varied with the type of fish that one was after; i.e. Bash fish, Trout, Brim and Cat Fish. One of the important tips that was necessary for one to be able to catch these fish were the equipments. A person had to be aware of how different equipments are handled and how and when to use them. This was particularly important since failure to utilize fishing equipments in the right way meant that one would not be able to enjoy the sport by catching more fish.Speed and accuracy is one of the most important tactics that is used in actual tactic. This is because some fish species are very fast and they usually try to get the bait from the hook as fast as possible before one can pull them out of the water. On the other hand, being too fast would that one would pull the hook away before the fish is nabbed thus scaring it away. Therefore, accuracy is important. Similarly, when one has been able spot a place where he suspects that there are a lot of these fish he has to device a way of approach that would not alert them. This is because fish are very sensitive to their surrounding environment and any disturbance would alert them causing them to flee.On the other hand, there are various types of sport fishing that one can play while on a fishing expedition. First, there are sports where one can catch these fish and then release them into the water while other forms of sport allows one to keep the fish. Therefore, one has to learn various trick of handling these fish as they have the ability of injuring a person. For example, Bass fish have been found to attack their enemies with their fin, and they can cause serious injuries. Similarly, one has to understand the time frame that these fish would take while out of the water before they die. This is important especially for a sport where one has to catch the fish and return them into the water.There are various lessons that I was able to learn from this particular fishing expedition. To begin with, I realized that fish, like people have senses that enable them to avoid being caught by predators such as human beings or wild animals. These senses increase their ability to detect and therefore flee from their enemies before they are caught. Others were able to fight for their lives even after being caught. It also came to my knowledge that understanding the characteristics of fish also added the chances of one being able to catch them. For example, I had never known that fish could be able to see as thirty feet away. As a result, it was a surprise to me when I our tour guide informed us to put on clothing that was similar to the surrounding environment since fish were able to distinguish colors and perceived some colors to be from their enemy.Having gone on this expedition for the first time in my life, I realized that simple activities such as fishing could turn into a nice sport that could help one to relax his/her mind and enjoy a serene environment away from his busy schedule. This was after the day had come to an end and despite the fact that I was exhausted, the activities of the day had brought a new refreshing in my life and turned clogged mind into a fresh mind that was ready to face the busy schedule ahead. Apart from finding fun in the sport of fishing, I realized that it was important for the society to take a collective responsibility of our environment since it was from such an environment that one was positioned to find pleasure in the natural environment.

Fishing In the North Carolina Mountains. Custom Fishing In the North Carolina Mountains Essay Writing Service || Fishing In the North Carolina Mountains Essay samples, help

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