The Back Pain Revolution

            Back pain is an inevitable problem that faces all people. Once in the life of a human being back would be the cause of sleepless nights. Children are not mostly affected by this problem but they are likely to be faced by it late in their lives. The sitting, standing, lifting, walking, bending, and sleeping all affect the occurrence of back pain.

            Personally the back pain problem as been in my family for quite sometime hence the reason I am interested in this topic. As much as people would love to avoid back pain problems, they do not have the knowledge on how to do so. The step accompanied by my interest in this topic is to develop an account of how to prevent and deal with back pain problem.

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            Personally the topic is of a high concern to me due to the fact that two of my family members have had back pain problems. 3 more on the extended family have been faced by the problem. Back pain is not hereditary unless it is caused by a hereditary disease. There are similarities in the activities of the 5 members who suffered the disease but none in terms of how they associate.

            My family is made up of 3 members – an elder brother and a last born sister. My brother and sister are 22 and 12 years respectively. My father and mother have never experienced back pain and neither is the extended family on side of my mother. My father’s brother as a son and his sister has twin daughters. At 15 years of age, the twin daughters of my aunt suffered from back pain problem at an interval of 6 weeks. The cause of the back pain was not identified and they heeled by the help of a chiropractor. Recently my brother suffered from back pain problem but the cause was identified as straining himself as he used to play PlayStation games all night sitted at the same position. The sister suffered back pain problem after she fell across a staircase as she was playing at age 9.


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             Back pain is caused byinjuring of nerves, discs, joint capsules, ligaments, and connective tissues. The damaging or injuring of the above named body parts are caused by every day activities like exercising, lifting, playing, and/or standing. These areas of the body can be pulled or strained, stretched or sprained. At times; tears, no matter how small, in the outer layer of a spinal disc is capable of causing severe pain (Waddell, 2004.,  Deardorff&Sinel, 1999).

            Many are times people will experience pain from an abnormal disc that may be bulged, herniated, or degenerated. The fact about this is that no matter how small the tissue damage is, the intensity of the pain is likely to be severe. In order to prevent or lower the chances of tissue damage through daily activities, one is advised to avoid strain and pressure on the spine or neck (Burton Goldburg Group, et al. 2002).

            Back pain problems are classified into two; temporary and chronic pain. Temporary pain is cause by slight tissue damage and the tissue heals with time. Chronic pain is caused by severe damage of tissues, ligaments, shock on spine, and/or dislocation of spinal discs. Temporary tissue damage is painful but is manageable by the use of acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and or analgesic pain relievers. Chronic back pain problems can be rectified by surgery or managed by use of prescription drugs (Borysenko& Brownstein 2001).

            From the above literature, i will be able to help people and myself when suffering from back pain. It is important to take measures about the condition when it happens in order to identify what class of back pain it is. With this, my family which as been suffering from back pain would appreciate the information. The fact that many people cannot tell the cause of theirback pain, with information on what is likely to cause back pain, I would be in a better position to recommend x-ray examinations according to their description of their pain (Key, 2010).

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            Statistics show that 7.6% of Americans suffer from acute back pain problems that last up to one year. Half of working Americans admit suffering from back pain atleast once per year and are compensated heavily by their employers due to this. My goal is to reduce the 7.6% figure to 2% or lower within a period of two years. On the hand, lack of information is the main cause of back injuries. The compensation these people get every year for back injuries can be reduced and the funding redirected on another sector of the economy.

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