1. Lymphoma:

Lymphoma is cancer that affects the lymphatic cells in the immune system. The cause of this ailment is uncertain, but several factors have been attributed to it. People at the risk of contracting the disease include the old, people with infections like the HIV, people with a family history of Lymphoma and people exposed to toxic chemicals. Initial signs of the ailment include painless swellings on the neck, under the arm and groin area, with time the patient may develop abdominal pains due to enlargement of the spleen. The patient may suffer from fever, weight loss, itching and lack of energy. There are various approaches to treating the ailment depending on the stage. Chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy is used. The outcome also depends on the stage. The aim of Lymphoma treatment is to ensure remission thus depending on the stage, and aggression of the cancerous cells the disease may reoccur.

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2. Upper Respiratory Infections:

Upper Respiratory Infections is where by the upper respiratory track suffers an acute infection. It is caused by many viruses with rhinovirus being the most common. It affects people with low immunity, when they come into contact with infected patients. A sick patient may experience nasal congestion, fever, running nose along with coughing. The virus has no cure, but the patient is advised to take plenty of water and eat well to boost body immunity. The outcome is that the body fights off the virus and the infections are eliminated.

3. Peripheral Vascular Disease:

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Peripheral Vascular Disease means obstruction of large arteries ii the body not including the brain, aortic arch vasculature, and the coronary. The disease is cause by peripheral artery disease. Peripheral artery disease is caused by the gradual accumulation of fats in the arteries. Patients with diabetes, smokers, people suffering from hypertension, and old people are at the risk of getting from the disease. Patients with the disease suffer pain in the calves, thighs or hips of the legs, other symptoms may include hair loss, buttock pain, impotence and pain while walking that cools down when resting. Treatment varies depending on cause and severity. In case of diabetes, consultation with doctor will help, smokers should quit, and the patient may be advised to maintain a healthy weight. Surgery may also be used in acute cases. The patient recovers and manages the pain.

4. Sickle Cell Disease/Thalassemia:

It is a genetic defect that causes reduced or no production of one of the globing chains that constitute hemoglobin in the blood. It is a genetic defect and is passed from parent to child. The people at the risk of contracting the ailment are patients whose parent has the gene defect. Mild Thalassemia lacks any symptoms but in the event that the patient severely suffers anemia like symptoms like child grows slowly, weakness and shortness of breath. Mild Thalassemia does not need treatment. Blood transfusion and folic acid supplements are used. In rare cases stem cell transplant may be recommended by the doctor. The ailment can only be cured by stem cell transplant.

5. Lung Carcinomas:

This disease is characterized by abnormal cell growth in the lungs. Its symptoms include shortness of breath, coughing blood, chest pains and wheezing. People exposed to particulate matter and asbestos, smokers, and presence of Radon gas increase the chances of contracting the ailment. Treatment depends on the type of tumor with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery being the treatment options. Lung Carcinomas is treatable depending on spread, specific cancer cell and patients performance status.

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 6. Asthma:

It is a chronic inflammation disease of the airways. Patient suffering from the ailment complains of tight chest, wheezing, shortness of breath and coughs. The exact cause of the ailment is unknown, but several factors may attribute to Asthma. Male gender is more susceptible to the ailment compared to female gender. Allergies and family history are also factors influencing the ailment. There is patient can evaluate the causes of the attacks and avoid them. The patient should avoid smoking, and the patient should follow doctor’s medication strictly. The chronic ailment can be managed with the right approach.

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