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Lupus is a persistent autoimmune infection that usually makes the body’s immune system to attack its organs and tissues which include the skin, joints, blood, kidneys, brain, heart and lungs. Its symptoms comprise loss of appetite, swollen glands, fatigue, hair loss, fever, rashes, sensitivity to light, fatigue, joint, chest and muscle pain, as well as ulcers in the nose and mouth. Its standard treatments include immunosuppressants, steroids, diet and behaviour changes as well as painkillers. The female gender is the most affected by this disease which strikes when they are between 15 and 45 years of age.

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The complications that arise from this disease if it’s not nipped in the bud include; cancer, kidney disease, pericarditis, pancreatic, vasculitis and pleurisy. This is as a result of organ failure and damage. Since statistics show that at least 96% of lupus infections are as a result of people having some sought of oral involvement its crucial that doctors should have their mouth covered while treating their patients or else they would be infected. Dental assistants working on their patients should not disregard their own dental care or else they risk being infected. The mouth being a hot bed of various bacterial processes, it is important that doctors ensure it is in proper hygiene even as they treat their patients (Rossenberg, 1988)

Doctors working on Lupus patients should ensure that they brush their teeth utmost twice every day using fluoride tooth paste applied on a soft brush. Hammer, Mentadent and Arm in addition to a number of tooth pastes that have baking soda on their fluoride are highly recommended to be of use to doctors who are treating patients infected with Lupus for they ensure the mouth is free from bacteria. In addition these dentists should ensure they go for their own dental check ups after every four months.

Patients who suffer from Lupus infection are normally in need of specialized attention and are always on the lookout to ensure they get specialists who will give them value for their money through being given specialized treatment (Rossenberg, 1988). The reason for this prior search for dental assistants that are specialized in their jobs is because there is a concern in this profession of practicing dentists that have not specialized in certain critical fields thus making the patients get more infected from side effects of unprofessional treatment. Dental assistants should thoroughly evaluate all stages where lupus effected organs are involved since a number of dental procedural warnings accompany these procedures.

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It’s thus prudent that dental assistants take full profiles of their patients including their itinerary of treatment to seal all loopholes of reinfection during their treatment. This is because most of the lupus patients show symptoms such as candidias thrush infections, dry mouth, cheeks, tongue, gums and mouth ulcers, cracked tongue, lichen planus and oral lesions. The patients who also exhibit oral scleroderma or TMJ can experience their jaws tightening which may result into more cavities and abscesses (Holtzman, 1988).

Those that are infected with Jorgen’s condition tend to develop a mouth that is severely dry and these results to gum disease, massive decay, thrush and dental infections. Patients that are infected by Mitrovalve Prolapse need to be administered with antibiotics before dental assistants can make them go through any dental procedures so as to protect them against all kinds of infections that could be a threat to their lives.

While treating their patients its advisable that the dentists don’t use Mercury fillings in treating their patients since this could result to poisoning of the patients as well as themselves. It’s important that as dental assistants do their best to take care of patients, they should do so with care and caution. The reason for this is that sometimes, the patient may develop complicated symptoms which would require more advanced care and if they are not careful they may end up experiencing burn outs that come about as a result of fatigue (Holtzman, 1988).

As much as having a job as a dental assistant could be a very rewarding career, it has its ups and downs particularly when dealing with diseases such as Lupus. This complicated condition can make it overwhelming and frustrating when it comes to its treatment. Thus it’s at such times that ongoing energy and commitment on part of the dentists is demanded. If they don’t take precaution, they may end up having burn outs. The Lupus patient working environment is made up of scores of people who are experiencing pain and most groan. When this is added to the general work pressure, it may lead to dental assistants experiencing some strain (Sweeney, 2000).

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Some dental assistants working on patients usually have unrealistic goals and ultimatums such that if they see the patient is not responding to their medication, they become frustrated and stressed. Dental assistants working on the patients should therefore try as much as possible to avoid situations of experiencing burn outs through specialising in complex situations related to the Lupus disease so as to have the capacity to give individualised care to their patients. They should thus endeavour to study and improve ways of practicing periodontics, oral medicine, Oral surgery and oral pathology (Sweeney, 2000).

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