Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology (HIT) has been adopted to help in advancing the quality and protection of Medicaid. It involves the use of electronics to coordinate activities. These can be in activities like drug prescription and recording the health of a patient.

Medicaid has also some problems with its operations. This can be through the lack of service providers and specialists. This results because of the poor payments to the providers and the lack of participation. This creates a barrier to provider’s acceptance to Medicaid.

There are five major topics that one needs to know about Medicaid. They include:

Medicaid can be said to be an important requirement in the health care systems. The insurance has contributed a lot in the health care services. It funds the various hospitals and nursing homes. It seems to be helping in the purchasing and supplying of medicines. According to statistics, Medicare covers the nursing care residents and low income children. It may cover the above largely, but it covers for all ages and populations. It also covers for long term services.

Medicaid operations have been made possible through the enrollment growth and earning for seniors and the disabled persons. Enrollment has been claimed to be the largest way of Medicaid spending. The most dependent people to the Medicaid services can be said to be the elderly and the physically challenged. Also research has shown that rate of spending in private health occurs at a higher rate than spending per enrollee.

The insurance agency has given a rise to a lot of employment and earning of revenues. The Medicaid creates job since it requires supply of medicines and people to provide health services. This helps to reduce the number of idlers in the streets. It also contributes greatly to government revenue of the member states.

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It increases the rate of people getting medical services and living a health life. The insured get medical services that can be compared to services in private health centers. The uninsured do not get this type of services.

The Medicaid insurance plans to acquire most of the cost by ensuring they should reduce the number of uninsured people in the states. They may promote the insurance by offering unique and fundamental services. The uninsured should be tempted by the great offers and get insured. This helps achieve the goal of the insurance.

Under the current laws, Medicaid covers the following people:

1)      Children

2)      Parents with young ones depending on them.

3)      Expectant women.

4)      People with critical disabilities.

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5)      The elderly.

One has to be in at least one of the mentioned groups in order to benefit from the health insurance. Normal parents without disabilities and with dependent children cannot be covered but the insurance unless under specific conditions.

Dual eligible can be defined as the low income persons who benefit from both Medicare and Medicaid. The Medicare does not offer the benefits of giving drug prescriptions. This only comes from the Medicaid. Therefore, Medicaid provides drug dosage coverage for the dual eligible.

In the operation of Medicaid there exists a law that requires incentives available for the adult prevention. This has led to the provision of homes for patients with chronic illnesses. This helps to avoid fast spreading of the diseases. Here they receive proper medical care.

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