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Direct Patient-Care Techniques

However, these efforts will have to be complemented with a constant review of the current literature, as well as engaging in the constant research. Although most of this research will be based on nursing and patient care, I will broaden it to perfectly encompass the management or policy aspect of nursing practice. Indeed, the program will require that I keep a constant contact with the Heart Association of America to ensure that my practice is perfectly in line with their recommendations and guidelines of practice. For example, the conventional guidelines require that therapy starts by evaluating the extent of cardiac complication before recommending a drug. Besides, there is the constitutional requirement that the plan and goals of treatment have to be negotiated with the cardiac patient. This recommendation stems from the fact that any therapeutic interventions aim at minimizing the impact of the cardiac complications on the life of the patient. As such, a nursing practitioner has to be careful that actions they take do not adversely impact on the social life of the patient and thus the need for negotiation (Morrison & Monagle, 2009).

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The last bit of clinical exposure would involve a comprehensive undertaking to access the local trends in regards to cardiac problems. For instance, I will have to establish possible relations with the local environment and genetic issues. Ideally, strong winds would certainly contribute to cardiac problems, especially those related to angina. They basically are resulted by extraneous actions on the chest cavity that severely strains the heart to the extent of denying it adequate supply of blood and oxygen. As a result, several heart muscles die of ischemia, thereby leaving the heart muscles weaker and more prone to exhaustion. Indeed, such precipitators of cardiac complications must be taught to the community before any assumptions of success are made. That’s why it will be quite essential to organize and participate in the healthcare conferences with the main aim of leaving the local community a more educated lot to take charge of their lives (Benner, Tanner & Chelsea, 2009).

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The most involving aspect of my program would perhaps be the organization and execution of staff and patient education. Due to the tight nature of a clinical nurse’s duty, it will basically require some painful sacrifices to adequately prepare for a comprehensive and cohesive presentation to the staff. For instance, the staff education should target to enhance their understanding of the clinical setup and how to relate with cardiac patients with respect to their delicate conditions. More often than not, there have been instances where nursing assistants engaged in a spat with patients who seem to be demanding undue attention. However, the staff should know how to go about such situations without necessarily engaging in unnecessary quarrels that could further aggravate their cardiac conditions. Further, the education should seek to enlighten patients on the need to comply with their dosages and report any complications arising from their drugs. Ideally, this information will enable the healthcare providers assess their drug regimen and recommend the appropriate therapy if necessary (Blevins, Carolyn, 1995)

There is no doubt that such presentations will enhance my knowledge and expertise on the techniques that are unique to direct care of cardiac patients. Essentially, I would have no problem executing the American Association of Critical Care Nurses’ Synergy model in establishing an effective therapeutic relationship with patients. Undoubtedly, this would have far reaching effects in that it would boost their understanding of drug actions, as well as the possible complications due to non-compliance to drugs. As such, the patients and the staff would eventually integrate these ethical practices into their lifestyle in the most effective way. In addition, I will institute an environment within the clinical setup that enables open communication between health practitioners and their patients to enhance the general quality of the patient care. Nonetheless, I still need to consult advanced nursing practitioners in order to integrate ethical decision making about the health of patients, especially with regards to the principle of self determination. This will certainly ensure a patient-tailored approach to health care without ethnic or racial biases that have been previously claimed to be rife (Benner, Tanner, & Chelsea, 2009).

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In conclusion, my work with patients with cardiac complications will involve a comprehensive collaboration with other heath care practitioners in the nursing profession as well as other medical professions. In particular, I would have to keep in touch with clinical pharmacists to avoid drug related mistakes that could turn out to be as lethal as the disease itself. Besides, it will encompass the involvement of the clinical staff and patients to enhance the general quality of healthcare. This should ideally be done through a public education and public participation. 

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