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Late last year, a fourteen year old boy was involved in an accident that happened in the streets of Washington City. Besides, the traffic police found out that the involved person was a minor and the boy was also intoxicated. This meant that the case could not undergo the normal court procedures. There may have been many problems concerning the boy that had to be dealt with. This was the minor who may have learned how to take alcohol from the alcoholic parents. Under the intoxication, he took the father’s car for a drive and as a result caused the accident.

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The boy participated in the Pre-Trial Diversion Program that was aimed at helping him to recover from alcoholism. The human service professionals involved in this case were: the traffic police, therapists, and alcohol counselors. These people had been doing a great work improving the well being of the boy. The counselors had been able to help the boy turn away from alcohol. They had also found out that his habit was as a result of the alcoholic parents. Alcoholic drinks were left in the house without monitoring. It had been established that the boy was used to taking a little of it over a long time. Thus, this had led to the addiction.

However, I believe that for the situation to be wholly managed two more counselors should be involved. The boy’s parents are supposed to undergo therapy and alcohol counselor to help them change. Their lack of being good role models has greatly contributed to the boy’s behavior. This home still remains dangerous as long as the parents have not changed. Moreover, this boy also needs a peer counselor. The age-mates are always trusted. Such a person would befriend him leading to the accountability. Finally, it is good to emphasize the influence of parents on the behaviors of the children. The latter considers them to be role models. They therefore look up to their parents.

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