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While using the Adlerian therapy, therapists view the client’s problem by identifying the underlying problems, addressing wrong thoughts and correcting belief patterns of their clients. Adlerian therapists view the clients’ problem by assessing the personal history of the client including their family ties, present living conditions and experiences the client passed through in his childhood. Also, in viewing the client’s problem, therapists rely on the client’s dreams and how the client interprets their struggles and experiences.

Adlerian therapists use various techniques in viewing the client's problem as follows; 1) Immediacy technique where the therapist focuses on the immediate situation. The client is requested to communicate the events at the current moment. By using the immediacy approach the client is assisted in understanding the current situation. 2) Encouragement technique, which helps clients overcome the problem of low self esteem and it helps to build a conducive relationship between the therapist and the client. 3) Spitting in the client’s soup is another technique in which the therapist makes some behaviors look ambiguous to the client. Such behaviors will be repulsive and they will not recur again. 4) The question test technique where the therapist asks his clients about any psychological problem through some structured questions. If there is a direct relationship between the answer and question, and another problem, the counselor concludes that the cause of the problem is to avoid the situation associated wit the client. v) The final technique Adlerian therapists’ use is the homework technique which is aimed at assisting the client to solve his problems away from the therapist.

Similarity and differences between the two therapies

The goals of treatment are similar in that they aim at helping the client become aware of the surroundings and not to be worried about the superficial things. Both therapies aim at achieving the most effective goals for the client. They are also similar in that they enable individuals to take personal responsibility for their decisions in life. The therapies help clients to cope with any anxiety presented by the situations in life. They help individuals to live in the current rather than living in the pas or in the future which in most cases is uncertain. They are also similar in that they connect the client with the spiritual being and the psychological aspect of their lives.

The tow therapies are different in that the Adlerian therapy is wide in practice and in theory touching on an individual`s life from the birth order to the roots of the family and maturity while Existential Therapy is considered as a life lesson. It is more concerned about the reason for existence and it tries to answer questions related to the life of individuals. Adlerian therapy aims at applying personal psychology in order to ensure the provision of  services needed for growth while Existential therapy emphasis on the path followed by individuals in their growth process until they achieve self esteem and self actualization.

Ways in which the process of therapy would be different.

The process of therapy would be different in that individuals facing challenges and problems in their lives would not have anyone to offer counsel to them. People would not understand and they would not get answers to questions relating to existence and the surrounding environment. This means that individuals would be fighting with the inner self. The process of therapy would also be different in that individuals would be relying on people who are not experienced to offer  services.

In conclusion, Existential Therapy aims at assisting people to understand the reason for existence. It is essentially a growth oriented model which shows that individuals are the ones who control their lives. Therefore, their destiny lies in their own hands. While dealing with a client, therapists try to tie the lifestyle of the client with the underlying problem so as to develop the better treatment for the client. On the other hand, Adlerian therapy deals with individuals from birth order; it incorporates the individual choice for his deeds, the things that motivate people and the social cultural consciousness of individuals. Adlerian therapy is a well known theory that is widely used and it forms the bases under which other theories in psychology are made.

Adlerian Therapy. Custom Adlerian Therapy Essay Writing Service || Adlerian Therapy Essay samples, help

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