Martin Memorial Hospital

The Luiz Jimenez/Martin memorial hospital case explores extrajudicial medical returns or the exercise of hospitals privately deporting of immigrant sick people. This contravenes with the law of the United States, which demands that hospitals have suitable discharging plans for all sick individuals who likely experience severe health repercussions upon release. It is alleged that these extrajudicial deportations happen without the knowledge of patients or their guardians and away from any government super intendance. Health institutions like hospitals, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations report over 100 extrajudicial transfers that lead to grave health repercussions that may include death. It is indicated that in the United States an estimation of 25 million immigrants restrained from the non-emergency federal health care coverage, illegal medical returns require keen monitoring to safeguard immigrants’ rights under the international and United States laws.

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The earnestness of this mischief is clearly portrayed by the case of Luis Alberto Jimenez. In this case, Mr. Jimenez, an unregistered immigrant in Florida, who suffered annihilating brain damage and other external injuries? This uncertainty occurred due to an accident caused by a driver who was high on alcohol. After the bizarre incident, Mr. Jimenez was taken to a hospital known as Martin Memorial Medical center. In the hospital, Martin received care for a period of four months before the month of June, when he was transferred to a nursing home.

During the month, of January 2001, Mr. Jimenez health worsened, and he was taken back to the hospital, where he had been admitted after the accident. Because of his unregistered status, he was not eligible for federal financial support for the long term rehabilitative caring he deserved. Since the hospital was not in a favorable position of releasing Mr. Jimenez to a suitable United States facility, the hospital looked for a court order mandating the hospital to deport Mr. Jimenez to Guatemala. However, the guardian to Mr. Jimenez contested the lower court order the hospital contracted a private plant to rent an air ambulance and deport him to Guatemala by force. The decision by Martin Memorial Hospital was in contravention to the Emergency Medical treatment leave act (EMTALA).

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