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Strategic planning is the systematic and formally documented process for deciding the prospects of the organization which are primarily geared towards realizing the goals set for the sustained and success of the order to realize the objectives of the organization strategic planning helps to draw projections over the financial management of the organization. The future prospects of the organization can be detailed in the strategic plan considering that nobody can predict the future. The plan gives direction of action in various aspects when well implemented (Arthur, 2011).

Strategic planning is often devised as a way to guide an organization through times of change. Its implementation is considered that vital to the success of the organization. It is the transformation that originates from within call for the internal factors to be considered. Strategic planning has its variables dependent to both the internal and external factors, this paper aims at explaining how the key internal factors such as leadership and many others can affect the strategic planning of the organization.

Impact of the internal factors


Leadership plays an important role of the strategic planning and its implementation. It defines the goals of the organization over a period of time. Leaders are involved in the plan development, plan execution, and reviewing of the plan. Along the confines of good leadership is the realization of the success of the strategic planning. This goes in line with the need to have the leaders exercising efficient communication, excellent managerial skills, among other attributes of leadership and governance. Failure to communicate to all the key players involved in the planning process effectively will lead to members not playing their roles well and no interaction will lead to misunderstanding of the objectives of the organization. When such occur the planning process will be ruined hence failure of the organization. Leadership is involved in critical decision of the organization; good decision making will ensure proper implementation of the strategic planning (David, 2008). 

The Strategic Planning. Custom The Strategic Planning Essay Writing Service || The Strategic Planning Essay samples, help

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