The Strategic Plan

Structure and culture

The structure of the organization affects the strategic planning; the simple agents of change in the organization are the small structural units in which duty delegation is affected. The culture of the organization is considered factor for implementation of the strategic plan (Dora, 2010). New influence from leaders can be supported or not supported by the majority of the players in the strategic plan development and implementation process.

Capital resources

The development and implementation process of the strategic plan can be affected money. Employing most of internal factors involved in strategic planning processes require good sustainable capital resources endowment. Employing highly skilled workers demand higher wages, technological infrastructure can be costly too and all these require capital. Planning requires developing a detailed and realistic budget for allocating the capital necessary to effect the internal changes of the strategic plan development and implementation throughout the process (Judy, Robb, Debra, & Eric , 2001). 

Follow up

A strategic plan is only successful when the developers are actively involved in the follow-up over the progress of the plan. Follow ups help in identifying the areas of weakness and propose adjustments. Good follow-ups ensure the success of the plan. Absence of the follow-ups will certainly mean failure of the implementation process and it may necessitate that anew plan be formulated.



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