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Over the years, most firms are faced with the problem of managing and organizing their resources. These resources range from financial to social; besides, the human resource department plays a fundamental role in the wider image of an organization. This has indeed become a major problem even in the current management procedures. Based on this, the research project seeks to critically analyze the organization, management and practice of interpersonal skills through application of theoretical skills and activities experienced and learnt from the management and organization module in a classified field. It, therefore, tries to analyze these problems in a very specific manner. It goes further to give the solutions that could be used to salvage the situation.

There are indeed inexhaustible problems faced by these firms in their management and organization. For example, there is a growing need by organizations to protect their space for competition. They want to achieve this in order to gather as much competitive advantage as possible against their immediate competitors in the market. They are also faced with the problem of producing goods of high quality. This involves the question of what product to produce, what quantity should be produced and where and when to produce the product. They may decide  to produce either one product or different products.

The other problem is the issue of controlling the labor union. Labor Unions are groups aimed at safeguarding the employees’ interest. There is general pressure on the management in terms of how to deal with these individuals. The other issue is the challenge of utilizing the resources belonging to the company. The resources to be managed include: human resources, finances, materials, equipment, methodology and the market situation. These bring diverse problems to the company. For example, improper financial management may lead to the bankruptcy of an organization. Improper human resource management may force most employees to resign from their positions and seek better services elsewhere. This is very dangerous for the company since in most cases, these employees would join their immediate competitor in the market. Most companies also try to compete with their rivals by whatever ways possible, which would otherwise jeopardize the whole process.

In order for a company to outpace these problems, it must begin to practice the culture of corporate responsibility. This would create the spirit of productivity and innovation which is very vital in the rapidly transforming world. Top managers must properly guide the junior staff to achieve reasonable working standards set by the organization. It, therefore, calls for strategic management skills, which entail precise aims and missions of the organization. A solid, constant, and very stable communication is also required in order to overcome these problems. While enforcing the styles of communication, it is very important to consider adapting to the other available forms of communication. This could be done by consulting with other companies with similar goals.

To curb the problem of quality production in an organization, the firm needs to carry out adequate research on market trends before embarking on the business. The issue with Labor Unions is reciprocated by better emoluments and working conditions for employees in order to avoid confrontation with them. Proper pricing would also be used in the fight against competition. This can also be observed closely through advertisements and product promotion strategies. The problem of human resources can be controlled through the use of appropriate mechanisms related to the employees; these could include factors like considering performance appraisals to reward better performing employees.

Management and Organization of Firms. Custom Management and Organization of Firms Essay Writing Service || Management and Organization of Firms Essay samples, help

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