Employees’ Intention

One of the most important facts that determined the decision of the court was the lucidity of the alleged unfairness that was seen relevant to the employees’ intention of filing a charge. The court revealed that each Intake Questionnaire were not supposed to be treated as a charge. It apparently admitted that EEOC could only treat them as a charge through following the Court’s test. Therefore, it was assumed that the EEOC could take the circumstances that it has no grounding intent for an action to take place. The statement made by the court was intended to address the EEOC’s authority to investigate the alleged discrimination even in the absence of a charge. Additionally, the most important legal concept that determined the court’s decision was the logical analysis of the statue by the agency. Through logical analysis, justifiable interpretations depending on the regulations of the court through following the case critically, hence a decision was arrived at. Under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulation, the court did not recognize all the required mechanism of charge under ADEA of 197, 7 (d). 29 U.S.C.A. they ignored the charge because it was against the EEOC’ requirement. The court demanded the EEOC to take remedial actions of protecting the rights of employees or otherwise settle the dispute that arises between the employer and employees.

My team does not agree with the court decision because it might affect the HR practice. This is because this case may create bad reputation to the HR practice, thus poor organization performance. Moreover, the case may affect better performance of the company because some employees may leave the customer service roles because of poor motivation. Human resource policies should be well designed in order to govern the employees efficiently and effectively. These guidelines should communicate the requirements of the organization. This is vital because it will enable employees to well understand their organization and their rights and values within an organization. However, this case is an indication that the HR practitioner does not provide their employees with guidelines or legal procedures that are critical to organizational operations. The formal written HR guidelines or policies are crucial within an organization. This is because they increase awareness in an organization, thus better performance.

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