Box Office Managers

A box office can be defined as an office where tickets to specific events are sold. They allow to visit a theater, movie, music dance hall, and stadium. The managers of these facilities have a lot to deal with including ticketing, finance and offered services charges. The sector is endowed with diverse changes in the trend of events within the organization. There has been a lot of dynamism in the ticketing department (Stein and Bathust, 2008). The pricing of the ticketing is changing and this is a major issue that box office managers and their teams have to deal with in the future. It is not a new matter for most of us as a great number of people have experienced the dynamic ticket pricing while standing in lines for getting a ticket to a good entertainment. Without proper re-organization in the future, the box office managers would find it very difficult to explain their clients the issue of jumping ticket prices.

It is unfair that some tickets to some matches are more expensive than others. Matches between such teams as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City attract a larger number of visitors and thus, ticket prices are higher as compared to the other matches. Under these circumstances, some airline ticket dealers find it necessary to charge extra in the last few days before a travel date. There is also the issue of advance tickets that are cheaper than tickets sold at the entrance. The dynamic ticket pricing is rising steadily and is really expanding at an alarming rate. This is because box office companies are trying to optimize their revenue collection (Hubbard, 2011).

For the manager to deal well with the dynamic ticketing, one must have a good and clear starting point. This requires reaction, analysis, and implementation. It is important to decide whether to start from a lower or higher rate of pricing depending on the vision and mission of the organization. If the manager wants to change prices, this person must know what prices are to be displayed at their website. This will affect the performance of the organization greatly as some clients will question the viability of their pricing system which is thought to be broad and dynamic. What will the organization do or tell their clients who have purchased tickets at a higher rate than they expected; will they return them or not? A myriad of questions based on this dynamic ticket pricing rises continuously. It does not have proper regulations, thus, most box office organizers will go bankrupt (Hubbard, 2011).



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