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The tern 3G mobile phone refers to 3rd Generation networks build upon analog radio signal and digital signals. It traces its origin in Japan in the year 2001. The emergence of the 3G technology has had several effects on the business hence revolutionizing businesses all over the globe. The mobile phone has improved the speed of business operations, has boosted business communication, and has promoted mobility. In addition, it has improved the security of data, has simplified employee supervision, and has promoted marketing activities and scope. Businesses all over the globe have adopted 3G to ensure that efficiency is achieved in all departments. This has enabled them compete favorably and generate maximum profits.

This essay explicates the effects of 3G mobile phone in business.

It has improved the speed of business operations. The success of a business is highly dependent on the speed at which decisions and other operations are carried out. The emergence of the 3G mobile phone and its subsequent application to business has revolutionized speed. The mobile phones have ensured that no time is wasted on calling for meetings intended for making decisions. Individuals could hold consultations and come up with decisions over the phone. Through this, businesses have had maximum access to all opportunities available in the environment because the decisions are implemented faster. With the mobile, businesses have been able to distribute their commodities to markets in a quicker manner because of easier location and identification (Hartnett, P 190). The linkage between the business and the market improves the speed of delivery because market needs are disclosed without any delay. The speed at which businesses deal with their customers has improved because of the speed at which they are able to respond to the needs of customers. This ensures that their transactions are processed faster, and income realized. The improved speeds at which issues are addressed have led to a higher degree of confidence and loyalty to the business. The 3G mobile has improved the speed at which businesses receive information regarding their competitors. The vital information about competitors enables them to react and correct any areas of weakness which could lead to losses. Businesses are able to link with suppliers hence ensuring the vital materials are supplied on time. This has enabled businesses avoid the problem of stock outs as supplies are received as fast as possible when they are needed.

Communication within the business has been revolutionized. The business is able to divide its activities into different departments. The availability and adoption of the 3G mobile has facilitated the linkage of the departments through communication networks. Different departments within the businesses organization are able to share vital information needed for the operation of the business. The presence of a robust communication network facilitated by 3G has ensured that the departments coordinate with each other in the achievement of the organization’s goals (Gow and Smith, P 135). The communication facilitated by 3G mobile has been vital in addressing change within the business organization hence averting any threat of resistance to change. The mobile has enabled communication over long distance and businesses are able to communicate with their branches globally. This facilitates unity in performance and achievement of results. Businesses are able to send representatives to market places to collect vital information required for operations. The use of the mobile has enabled them to give faster feedback that is used for research and innovation of ways to get into the market. Through communicating via the mobile, businesses are assured of accuracy in the delivery of the required information due to the clear communication network.  This has seen most businesses growing into large enterprises due to the unity of purpose and improved results (Kaul, Ali and Janakiram, P 173). Communication has enabled businesses address concerns in the society as they get information relating to customers’ needs and corporate social responsibility. Businesses have linked with other enterprises through effective communication facilitated by the 3G mobile phones. Various departments can now send mails to others in an easier and reliable manner.

The mobile phones have promoted mobility in businesses. Mobility refers to the ease with which various factors in the business can be moved from one point to another. Through use of 3G mobile phone, businesses have been able to disperse their employees to different locations. People have moved to work in various locations relating to the business as they can still be linked by the use of the mobile phone (Eylert, 167). They are able to perform similar activities in the different locations ensuring that the business gets more opportunities for growth. This is done through easier linkage and sharing of information using a clear network. In addition, businesses are able to move their capital resources from one point to another courtesy of the mobile phone. The improved linkage to investors who offer vital information on business expansion and opportunity recognition enable this. Internet accessibility and location of various places is made easier facilitating mobility. Improved network coverage has enabled the business staff to work anywhere as they venture into newer markets. Mobility is required for diversification of business opportunities and assured growth in business sales. Capital mobility has led to the opening up of newer opportunities and increased the level of business investments (Kamel, P 200). All these contribute to the profitability level of business. The mobile phone has promoted mobility due to the ease of sharing ideas and location of more investment opportunities via the internet.

The mobile phone has led to improved marketing of products by businesses. Through use of mobile phones, businesses are able to reach more customers. This opens up an opportunity for marketing opportunities. The business is able to advertise is commodities and services via the inter4net supported by the mobile phone. It would use social sites accessed by many people; thus, promoting the acceptance and continued use of its products among loyal consumers. It would attract more customers to both existing and newer products (Ahonen, Kasper and Melkko, P 155). The mobile phone provides the business with an opportunity to discover the emerging issues and trends in global business. This would promote the competitiveness of the business as it adopts newer strategies. Marketing via the phone would enable the business get customer feedback and develop newer ways of providing products. Customers would be attracted to purchase more products as they are informed of the many goods and services offered. Businesses care able to advertise their commodities over a larger area compared to when using other methods for product promotion. The availability of the phones has reduced advertising costs as movements in relation to advertising and promotion of products are reduced. The number of employees required for promotion purposes is significantly reduced as the business relies on the mobile phone for promotion purposes. The level of sales and profitability would be seen to rise because of the reduced advertising costs and the large number of potential customers that are reached.  The mobile marketing would be vital in ensuring business survival and increased profitability.

With the use of 3G mobile phones, businesses have been assured of data security. Businesses are not losing vital information to competitors as they adopt the use of mobile phones. It provides for authentication of all networks before connections are achieved (Wang, P 186). This means that networks that cannot be authenticated would not be given access. The business is able to protect its information from competitors and hacker. This would lead to improved productivity levels as the secrecy of production ingredients is preserved. Hacker would be restricted from accessing business information. This would ensure that any piece of information within the business is valid and reliable for decision-making. Information protection ensures that the business maintains its acceptable public image as members as issues related to manipulation of information for the sake of compromising the image of the business are eliminated. Businesses have also gained confidence in the communication networks to the high level of assured security (Kamel, P 178). With improved security, businesses are able to preserve the confidentiality of the information, which would allow for reliability and success in the use of information. Apart from data protection, the mobile allows large amounts of data to be stored. Businesses have been able to maintain large stores of protected information that would enable them expand further. The improved confidence with which businesses can communicate due to the improved security has led to sharing of information relating to newer production methods. Customers would be more confident to share information because of the elimination of loss of secrecy to competitors and manipulation by hackers.

The adoption of 3G mobile has improved management and supervision of employees. The 3G mobile phone technology has made it easier for businesses to achieve their management activities and employee supervision. Business organizations are able to oversee managerial activities related to planning via the mobile phone. Managers in different departments are able to make decisions via the mobile phone (Dransfield, Richards and Dooley, P 84).  This has led to continued growth of the business because there is a wide variety of information found from internet. It gives managers the opportunity to search the required information and ultimately share it out in the process of decision-making. Through this, improved decisions that would see the business grow are adopted. The management has been able to link with managers from successful companies, and this provides an opportunity for acquisition of performance-oriented decisions. This has led to the expansion of smaller businesses into bigger businesses with higher competitive standards. Supervisors would have an easier time in overseeing the activities of employees in their respective locations. This is enabled by the improved level at which supervisors reach employees to identify their availability. The ease of locating employees using the 3G mobile phone has reduced the problem of absenteeism. Effective management and improved supervision has ensured that businesses make the required profits. Businesses have been expanding and reaching their desired goal with focused management and employees (Brewster and Dunlop, P 150).

In conclusion, the 3G mobile networks are achieved by the combination of digital and analogue signals. Its emergence has had several effects on businesses all over the globe. It has improved the speed at which business operations are carried out. Improved speed ensures that there would be no opportunities missed out by the business.  The mobile phone has revolutionized communication in business organizations, as they are able to communicate over a large area and over clear networks. Mobility has also been achieved using 3G mobile technology. Employees are easily moved from one point to another because of the improved ability of sharing information relating to various productions and selling methods. In addition, businesses have been able to preserve the confidentiality of their information as maximum data security is assured by using 3G mobile networks. Management and employee supervision is made easier with the use 3G phones. All these have seen businesses expand hence increased levels of competition in the economy.

The Effects of 3G Mobile Phone to Business. Custom The Effects of 3G Mobile Phone to Business Essay Writing Service || The Effects of 3G Mobile Phone to Business Essay samples, help

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