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Marketing is essence of business. Business promotion and brand marketing is the activity which not only enhance the public awareness about the concern, but also make it possible to multiply the profits. Defining the circle of marketing it revolve around the promotional activities, therefore, as promotional activities raise it also put impact on the sales. And then sales will ultimately raise revenues and with the increased revenue the business became more prosperous and more progressive. Therefore, marketing is core of business and no business can flourish without strong marketing activities.

Nowadays, the new business era is more technical and more resourceful than before. Currently there are number of platforms and several techniques to market the business and products. Moreover, especially after the dot com revolution the online business practice has been enhanced. And this online business needs internet marketing to market the business and website familiar to the customers. Therefore, a good online marketing scheme is needed which expatiate business to the world (Hall, 2010).


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Internet marketing & business persona:

After the dot com revolution it has changed the conventional norms of doing business. Nevertheless, in fact, not only changed the conventional norms but also changed and expanded the market from local, national to the world wide level with a click of mouse. The dot com business needs internet marketing, although, internet marketing is easy at its scientific grounds but harder to do when it come to artistic portrayal of business persona. The online businesses has bunch of online competitors, therefore, it is hard to go with a technically and artistically weaker internet marketing policy. It should be clear, comprehensive and close to the customer needs with appropriate consideration of market segmentation. There are several online techniques which are in use to market the website and products at World Wide Web arena and these techniques needs to be dealt with best professional approach.

Internet marketing techniques:

There are a number of internet marketing techniques available to market the online business and its brands. However, very little of them which are quite frequently used and most dominantly pursued. Some of them are defined below:

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1. Article marketing 2. Search engine optimization

3. Classified advertisement 4. In text advertisement

5. Google ad words 6. Pay per click

7. Web banner 8. Affiliate marketing

Effectual marketing:

A proper calisthenics of these internet marketing techniques can easily increase the consumer or visitors traffic on any website. However, in the current market competition it is hard to grip the market and snatch a part of business from others. And it is only possible with the appropriate aerobics of internet marketing techniques. On the other hand a strong business persona and high quality product can make the difference.

Business persona and quality products:

To be a sustainable business and or entity it is highly important to have good business persona and quality products. A good business persona can be recognized through a good appearance and quick response to the valued customers. And quality products are the guarantee of repeat visit and referrals. These two core element of business are guarantee to the high rewards from the internet marketing efforts. If anything lack from both of them the marketing efforts would became ruined. Therefore, it is important to have the best for receiving the best. The traffic generation or enhancement is not much hard than maintaining a constant traffic flow which is only possible with a perfect business persona and quality products.

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Stay Connected organizational structure:

When we take example of a successful online business it found very fascinating. However, when we examine the story behind the success it pulls out the actual story then to us. Therefore, working as internet marketing executive the most important thing is to get know-how about the organizational structure.

When we take a look on the organizational structure of and analyze its online presence. It gives us a good reflection of an arranged, managed and well exposed online showcase of products as well as company introduction. The overall website arrangement is excellent to attract the visitors. And it is better to evaluate the online business presence impression on the quote “first impression is last impression”. Because, online business market is very large and easily reachable, therefore, it is must, important and critical to portray the business persona as it has the ultimate solution for the customers. This factor can only retain and enhance the visitors/customers traffic. Otherwise, it would be not only hard but sometime impossible for any business to enhance its traffic on the website.

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Applying the marketing strategies to increase the traffic of

Every marketing technique has its own characteristics and diversely different from one another. Some of them are very technical and some are non-technical, some needs scientific gestation and some needs artistic portrayal. However, an arranged and energetic effort is needed to properly convey the message to the customers through every channel of internet marketing. And it also needs to consider the wider wings of market with different geographies and psyches. So, as is engaged in baggage business it also needs to consider the market segmentation to appropriately adapt the right marketing message and the right products for the valued customers(Ferrell & Hartline, 2007).

Article marketing:

Article marketing is one of the various internet marketing techniques. It is widely considered an influential tool to hunt the customer or redirect the visitors to the back linked website. Article marketing is quite comprehensive technique to communicate with the customers. Its core components are the thesis statement about the business which insists the reader to read it completely. Its solute discourse ultimately provides the solutions to the reader’s troubles. Therefore, for its comprehensive information about the business it is considered as comprehensive technique to communicate with the customers. This can play a pivotal role to enhance the traffic of (Ratliff, 2010).

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Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization is not a direct internet marketing technique but it is a core internet marketing tool to reach to the target market. It deals with the specific search words which most people search for their trouble tuning. The exact contents on the website and its back link development denotes to the search engine optimization. For instance, as is has a vide variety of baggage products. And customer searches for “luggage bags with high quality and durability”. The should improvise their web contents according to the customer search and build maximum back links to become foremost of the search result. Search engine optimization is a high rewarding marketing tool but at the same time very technical and wide-ranging process (Ashworth, 2010).

Classified advertisement:

Classified advertisement is very common as well as most regular internet marketing technique. It is about four to five line message content which should have marketing element in it and than posting of the prepared ad to the different classified advertisement websites. An ad campaign can be helpful to increase the traffic of For instance, if prepares a classified ad it should look like “You can buy most beautiful, best and durable luggage bag with extensive variety and with discount on”. It will ultimately hit the target market and increase the traffic of the website.

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In text advertisement:

In text advertisement is a contextual advertisement. It based on the relevant world to the advertisement. For instance, the word bag is relevant to the products and services, therefore, if initiate an in text marketing campaign. The ads will appear onto the relevant word in the text. It is also a very high traffic generation tool to use as internet marketing. And two most prominent website which provide this service are and This can be influential to generate the high level of traffic to the

Google ad words:

Google is most used search engine and it has initiated its “Google ad words” service which provides your business a featured space in the search results. For instance, if some user searches for quality luggage bags, if the keyword quality luggage bags match with your keywords your ad may appear next to the search results. This is also a helpful tactic for to increase the customer’s traffic on its website.

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Pay per click:

Pay per click is also an internet advertisement model used on the most viewed websites. The most appropriate example of this kind of advertisement is “Google ad sense” it provides business to host their ads with Google. This advertisement model is quite relevant to the affiliate marketing. But the only difference between is it offers pay per click not the pay per sale proceed. However, this advertisement model is very famous and largely used by the website to enhance their website traffic. It is also helpful for to advertise their products through Google ad sense or some other pay per click advertisement solution service. It is very rewarding if the ad fix on a high traffic website.

Web banner:

Web banner is another mode of web advertisement. It allows business to prominently its products and services. There are many type and size of web banners which is just like a road banner hanged on the streets and road. Web banner advertisement and or marketing strategy is quite successful and a prominent form of marketing message. Web banners on the perfect places/websites can be helpful to enhance the traffic on

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is not a direct marketing technique. It engages some affiliates or partners to market the product and enhance the sales. The basic aim of an affiliate marketer is to sale the product not only to divert the traffic to the website. However, at the enterprise end both activate are valuable. For instance, if any traffic divert from a partner/affiliate promotional activates it enhance the site traffic and if it also sales a product it enhance the sale.

Marketing mix: value added:

With all the consideration of marketing techniques an appropriate offer and proper presentation always add value into the product. Marketing is core of business activity which starts from market analysis/consumer behavior and ends with finished product. Finished product, however, needs suitable offer and apposite appearance to influence market to cover the maximum business proportion (Armstrong & Kotler, 2008).

Specialty Product:

Proper branding and precise solution with specialty can influence more effectively to the end- users. Therefore, specialty has much significance especially for luggage products. Currently luggage product market has various kinds of different products with quality claims and guarantees. On the other hand, luggage bags industry is continually upgrading its products to enhance the capability to the utmost consumer satisfaction. In fact a value added product can only survive in current competitive market. Therefore, specialty is the most essential in the current competitive era of business that product should realistically attract the consumers to purchase it. Moreover, the quality of luggage bags is most concerned issue to the people, so, specialty in the product should be hundred percent compatible with consumer needs and have an end to end solution. So that consumer should not think about the second option in his mind.

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After Sale Support:

Product sale has a process behind it which starts from quality, branding with specialty integration and ends with guarantees and after sale support. It is more essential when it deals with type of products like luggage. More specifically it has great importance or it’s not wrong to say that no product can be sold without after sale support/guaranties in the current competition. Therefore, most important decision in product development in such a competitive market environment is after sale support program. The utmost aim of every business is customer satisfaction. Thought, product specialty and superior after sale support program is the most appropriate satisfaction to the customers.


After evaluating the presence on the internet, its background and the coming forth endeavors. It can be realized that the internet marketing techniques defined above and the business persona can make the difference. The business persona and internet presence of is perfect, therefore, the only thing which needs effort is traffic diversion to this website. And the traffic diversion is not hard if the defined internet marketing tools and techniques can utilized in a right and powerful manner. Marketing is about to conveying your business message to your target market and a sound standing of business like can achieve it easily.



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