Marketing is essential for business progress


Marketing is essential for business progress. And a planed marketing is more essential to progress in the right way and get success. Here we have example of QMC which possess a unique status in the market with its automobile quality services. However, for QMC this is the time to explore more business avenues to expand its services business to the new markets. At the same time, it is most important in reference of exploring the markets and expanding the business to do it in a managed and planed way.

Services and market:

The new services and products that are now going to expand the market and business of QMC are computer software and hardware. Now QMC is going to introduce its new service index for its customers which are related to the information technology and computer software and hardware industry. The new services and products are indexed as software installation, selling computer parts, laptops and full customized systems. But, all this needs to be happen with a managed and planed way, therefore, it needs a market plan to pursue it to get ultimate success.

Target market:

The first step in preparation of a marketing plan is to identify the target market. Evaluate the potentials of target market and retrieve the opportunities and chances. It is first and most critical step of a marketing plant. Here the plan discusses the customer and its needs, if the customer and its needs are properly identified and apprehended the opportunities can be en-cashed very early.

Another segment of target market is competitors. In the computer software and hardware services/trading there are many competitors in the market, therefore, QMC has to face a large amount competition in the market. Hence, marketing plan should carefully identify the competitors, analyze them to figure out an edging solution for the customer. Identification of target market is first step to go on smoothly towards the destination (William, 2001).

Market segmentation:

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The market has expanded its wings from national to international level. This happened in course of emergence of the ecommerce and after the dot com revolution. The current business environment easily allows any business to reach to the global customers. However, at the same time it has given hard time for market segmentation and developing marketing strategy with global consideration.

For QMC as it deemed to provide an online solution to its customers. It is obvious to segment the market and consider the customers with their geographical, demographical, and psychographic specifications. In this regard it is better to transfer/share the business with other service companies. Initiate contracts with the varied manufacturers, suppliers and agents to accommodate the customers with consideration of segmentation.


It is very hard to get a position in the local as well as global competition. However, it is hard not impossible. At this stage a quotation is very appropriate to quote “they can conquer who believe they can”, so it needs hard work and concise concentration on the competitors, moreover, adapting the tactics to tingle the customers. The position runs around customer, if you have the right product, right solution or you convinced to the market that you have the right one. Then the position is yours!! So, a dedicated hard work and selfless services are needed to achieve position. Hereinafter, it is not impossible but hard to accomplish and your hard work in every aspect is the guarantee to the success.


Hard work, hard work and just hard work can make the difference. If we take a glimpses of this treatise, it start with target market and ends with position. Therefore, the hard work involved in between the journey of target market and position to create difference. Hence, difference needs dedication, devotion and diligence, moreover, difference is the ultimate success to lead the market.

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QMC can create the difference as it has already created in the automobile industry. They are the leaders and they can do it again with their ideology of business to get success and lead the industry. But, it needs to be planed.


In the whole treatise importance of market plan is very clear. Therefore, no matter it is an experienced concern or some non experienced concern. The accomplishment of market needs a plan to persuade the endeavors of concern to accomplish them in successive manner. And get position in the market and make the difference.

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