Security Management Analysis

Security training

Security is an integral part of an organization as it ensures the assets of the organization and its staff is not under any form of threat. Therefore, resources must be set aside by the company in consideration to cater for the relevant training of the security staff. However, before any form of training begins, a security guard, of whatever rank, must posses the certain physical attributes. Any potential security guard should have excellent eye sight and hearing abilities. Training may assist one in discerning what is perceived or heard as vital or not, but may never be in a position to correct the physical disability. An organization should have several unarmed guards and a few armed guards. This may help cut down the costs of the organization, since armed guards are paid more (McCrie, 2006).

Unarmed guards should each be licensed before undergoing an eight-ten hour class in which they cover lessons on the laws, dress code requirements, quick response and amounts of force to be applied. The laws ensure that they act within the law while the quick response and the amount of force applied allows them administer their duties accordingly. The class should include both theoretical and practical lessons marked by various similar tests after each lesson. Attainment of this should be indicated by issuance of guard card.  The armed guard should undergo the above training and include an extra 16-hour class on firearm handling and safety. This will ensure that they are equipped in handling the lethal weapon in case need arises. The organization non-staff and the security staff should then be taken around the environs of the organization to ensure that they are well aware of the various escape routes of the building. Guards will, thus, have leverage over any security threats. The non-security staff should also undergo a short class on how to react in case of attack to reduce the risk of fatal occurrences(McCrie, 2006).

Person in charge

In any organization, the chief person in charge of security officer in the organization is the person the security developer should report to.  The officer is charged with the responsibility of ensuring all measures that relate to the level of security in the organization are in place. He is aware of all the security threats and loopholes of the organizations and can secure the permission for installation of security measures directly with the top management of the organization. The officer’s insight in the organization is vital for the development of security of the organization.

Security functions and strategies

There will be numerous security functions to guard the security of the organization. First, there will be the gate keepers, whose sole responsibility is to monitor what comes in or leaves the organization premises. A telephone line will be available to confirm appointments before any stranger is allowed in. This will ensure that there are no idlers or suspicious arrivals. Moreover, all visitors will have to be recorded in the visitor’s book for record purposes. All cars including those belonging to the staff will be inspected. Security officers will be deployed to all the exits and entrances with the armed guards manning the main exits. Each guard will have a radio to ensure that there is effective communication in case of danger. There will be a security officer in charge of the security room, from which all security operations are coordinated. He will continuously check the CCTV feeds from strategic places of the organization. This will ensure that one can have a quick check of the security situation of the organization at any particular time. It will also be useful for record purposes.

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Finding the right candidates for the appropriate post may be a bit challenging. However, running an advert in the local newspaper and word of mouth (through the staff) would go along way in advertising the vacancies. The minimum qualifications will be possession of the guard card and a few years of experience. The age limit for both the armed and unarmed should be 40 years old. This ensures that only the able bodied people can apply. All applicants will undergo rigorous exercise to test their competence. Only successful applicants will then be picked. The security officers in charge of the armed and unarmed security personnel can be of advanced age, but should have a wealth of experience having worked at a similar post before. They have to be knowledgeable, since they will be called upon to make rational and quick decisions in case of danger. They should have academic qualifications of not less than a diploma in security related courses such as criminology. Their selection process will be based on a face to face interview to determine their suitability.

Job referral resources

The most efficient job referral resource for recruiting staff is employee referral. Here all the employees who refer qualified staff to the organization are rewarded as may be deemed appropriate. Others include career referral, in which qualified candidates apply for vacancies in a particular website. This may be effective in hiring the top management, but may not be efficient for hiring security officers of a lower rank. These are best sought through employee referral.

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Security functions to be contracted out

Security functions that should be contracted out include those that involve high risks or that are not economical to be provided solely by the organization. For instance, if the organization deals in cash, transfer of funds to the financial institutions such as the banks should be outsourced due to its high risk. Moreover, security dog services should also be outsourced so as to minimize the risk of animal death and the maintenance cost of the dogs. Other services should be handled internally(McCrie, 2006).

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