Trade of fish in Britain


Organizations engage in trade to make profit. The trade in food stuffs has been seen by many as sensitive and delicate, yet it is one of the profitable ventures if well managed. The cooperation in the European Union has made trade between the member countries more effective especially with sound market policies. In addition, Britain provides one of the viable markets of fish products. This paper explains the trade in fish and fish products in the European Union, the target market being Britain which includes the three islands that encompass Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales). It gives the regional, country, organizational, and product analysis.

Regional analysis

Markets of European countries have been merged to be the European Union (EU), the laws governing the entry of the products to the EU markets are formulated as one thus it has been a large market. The EU markets have been most sensitive to quality and quantity of products traded therein at all times. They have also been keen to illegal fishing and have countered this through strict regulations such as eco-labeling, and also included comprehensive certification and traceability requirements for any imports. The EU has also introduced licensing in countries that have voluntary partnership agreements (VPA) with the EU. A common market in a global market has been introduced in the EU so as to match the production and import to demand (European Communities, 2002 p.6).

The EU market has four components, they include; common marketing standards for fresh products that have high quality, grading, packing and labeling, Producer Organizations (POs) which are associations of fishermen who help stabilize markets (they protect sudden changes in market demands), a price support system responsible for setting prices e.g. the minimum price of fish, and rules for non-EU countries regarding trade. Much of the fish products traded are governed by the producer organization of the importing country.

The PO is responsible for indicating the marketing strategy which includes fish health and fish handling policies, the catch and production plan includes the catching of fish and at which time of the year to avoid overexploitation of resources, special anticipatory measures which include species that are hard to get, and imposing internal penalties to those who don’t comply. The presence of POs that control prices and demand of the fish makes the venture more stable for there will be compensations for any products withdrawn from the markets (European Communities, 2002 p.13).

The European Union region is politically stable, no cases of coups or major unrests have been seen recently; this is an added advantage to the trade. Options for operations costs for the trade include the huge capital base of the organization that has invested in fish culture and the money from the producer organization (POs) given by member countries. Financial aid is given by the PO’s of respective countries of the EU market. This will help boost business and trade in the EU market. Measures to avoid member countries having many small unrelated organizations of single products include granting exclusive recognition to a single PO to a given area. This will help lead to monopoly which can favor the business prospects. The region otherwise experiences threats from terrorist with major threats being seen through suicidal bombings mainly from Muslim extremists with the most recent being the London and Spain train bombings (Shah, 2001 para.9).

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Country analysis

Britain is a stable country with many tourists in the EU visiting the country. The three encompassed islands that are England, Scotland and Wales are the target market. Politically, Britain can be described as very stable. It has royalties to the king and queen which indicates it as a kingdom that is still stable. The currency of Britain, the sterling pound has been strong over other currencies in the world for a long time and the economy of Britain has also remained stable for a long time in the foreign exchange markets thus favoring trade. The involvement of Britain in the G7 meetings indicates that it is great economically and politically.

The business options of the financial and capital for the fish supply include the organizational capital and the PO’s financial aid. Britain’s traditional foods have been beef, lamb, chicken and fish. The most consumed is the sandwich, fish, and chips. The much praise for a balanced diet in the area is the best policy to use to get country market and capitalizing on the traditions of the country. The highly developed infrastructure will play a major role in the efficiency of the trade (Lem, 2004 para.5).

Organization and product analysis

The organization has for a long time been involved in fish culturing and production. Finances are from capital base of the company that has been invested in fish productions in ponds, runways and cages. The productions of the company are high and effective making trade with many countries possible. Fish, being white meat is the preference of many consumers in the EU markets since it contains no or less cholesterols depending on fish species (Lem, 2004 para.6). Fish has a high protein concentrate and has presence of omega 3 fatty acids, making it a good product to trade in. Fish is a very sensitive product especially in handling, packaging, and transport since it is perishable. Fresh chilled fish need a lot of care when it comes to handling. From the ponds, the fish will be filleted and packed in foils. Packaging makes the product attractive and be of a longer shelf life. Any food substance in Britain must have acquired the International Standard Organization (ISO) certifications.

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Maximum health standards of the (ISO) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point analysis (HACCP) have been followed, to make the fish consumable to humans and prevent it from being discarded. In Britain, fish is highly demanded by the consumers (Lemm, 2009 para.2). The fish will be transported by air which is the fastest means to avoid it going stale from distributional delays. Europe is a good market place because it is already developed with adequate infrastructure to favor trade.


The trade in the European Union has been made efficient and very friendly since it has measures of supply and demand making sure that producers don’t suffer from less prices and the consumer is not exploited by exorbitant prices. The measures that prevent over supply of any commodity should be replicated in all other areas in order not to waste resources and money. The EU is an example of a market that can foster economic growth of many member states. Many factors favor the trade including political stability, adequate infrastructure, stable markets and currency, and cultural preference to fish.

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