Records and Archive Management Policy Report

Primary Policy Aims

Record keeping in many healthcare facilities has faced a lot of challenges such as loss, high management cost, time wasting on retrieving paper records, and among others human resource (Geyer, 2005). The policies have been authorized by the chief executive officer, and all staff members should ensure that the digital records are well-kept so that they remain authentic and accurate. Safe keeping of these records will guarantee that their life span increases. It will contribute to accessibility and reliability of the information within the establishment. Moreover, effective record keeping in the facility will help to quickly locate patients’ records as well as save time and money. Electronic record keeping system should be used to enhance service delivery and access to the full medical history of patients.

Risk Assessment

Currently, the available digital records are at high risk, the facility does not have an organized digital storage system where records can be retrieved with ease. Records are kept in all forms and others cannot be accessed due to the change in software (National Archives and Records Service, 2006). The facility does not have essential technical metadata. In some instances, the original documents have been deleted while others have been tampered with.

Needs Statement

The digital records kept in our facility constitute the major part. For this reason, a policy should be created so that every personnel understand how records are created and archived for easy retrieval in future.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the drafted policy is to create a structure required for effective management of records in the entire healthcare facility. The policy advises the hospital employees on how to do and use records and gives the standards for their classification. This policy will also ensure that patients’ records remain for as long as they are required.

Goal and Objective

The main objective of this policy is to ensure that all records are easily accessible and that the facility becomes the most reliable source of patients’ medical history in the next five years.

Projects to Undertake

The heads of all departments in the facility will install at least one computer in their offices, create folders for different kinds of patients and have a backup drive where all the created records are kept and retrieved when needed. The technical team in the facility will be in charge of the software and hardware in all departments.

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Organizational Commitments

Achieving the goals and objectives of the facility will need inputs from the facility stakeholders. The resources that will enable us to accomplish our goals will include time from the staff members, extra computing facilities as well as non-financial support. Staff members are expected to create extra time from their professional duties to ensure that the electronic records are in the right format and location.

Financial Commitments

Due to the ever changing technology, the facility will provide finances to hire a consultant to update the staff on the new record keeping programs and any new technological program that will help enhance accessibility and durability of our records.


The head of IT in the facility will prepare record keeping manuals and distribute them to all departments in the faculty. He/she will also be in charge of internet services and connections in all departments. All heads of departments will be responsible for maintenance of computers in their offices and report any problems that need to be fixed by the IT staff.

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Preservation and Quality Control

This system will keep a wide range of digital record types. All types of information from patients’ records in text, audio, video, images in different formats will be kept in the digital records system. It is, therefore, expected that the computers have the required software (Department of Public Service and Administration, n.d).

Preservation Metadata

This record keeping project will be conducted with strict adherence to the State Records Act and all other standards and regulations regarding electronic records keeping in healthcare.

Roles and Responsibilities

The head of IT department will provide all the required technological tools that will allow staff members to collect and maintain records in the electronic system.


The facility is fully committed to empowering every staff member to ensure that they are technologically up-to-date. A consultant will be hired on several occasions if there is such need, and individual members will be sponsored for short courses or workshops within and outside the country.

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Evaluation and Upgrading

The policy mandates that the record system is audited and reviewed twice a year to ensure that legislative requirements are complied with.



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