Fundamental State of Leadership and Coaching

Researchers find leadership a very interesting topic for investigation, which means that the sources and information about it are almost unlimited. In any study of organizational behavior and leadership there is always a small section that presents Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Moreover, Maslow introduces the concept of self-actualization, which reminds individuals about the importance of spiritual things and the need to improve constantly. The path of leadership is also about uncovering the unique self, taking ownership and responsibility for one’s growth, and reintegration of one’s various natures, values and talents. A good leader works with others and appreciates religious and spiritual practices of the other individuals. Actually, the belief that the goal can be achieved with the help of common efforts is much more effective than the selfish approach (O’Connor, Yballe, 2007). Another valuable advice for the leaders who are in charge of organization is to introduce the balanced scorecards that would help the company to develop a special framework that would help to manage the strategy of changes and improvements implementation (Kaplan, Norton, 2007). Thereafter, the objective of the following paper is to look at leadership from a certain point of view and provide a real-life example for a particular situation.

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The concept that would be reviewed in the following paper is related to the topic known as the ‘The Fundamental State of Leadership’ proposed by Robert Quinn. Actually, the theory states that people spend the majority of their life in a state that is considered ‘normal’, and they try to solve hardships and problems in it. Thereafter, if a person wants to leave a well-known comfort zone, she or he moves to proactive and elevated state with the help of certain internal efforts. In the elevated state, an individual becomes more influential and powerful. The fundamental state of leadership is the reflection of this state. Quinn argues that leadership does not stem from authority, but from the ability to motivate, attract others, and to have enough moral power to do such things. The fundamental change of oneself is the concept that is required by the elevated state (Quinn).

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There have been certain situations in my life where I had to enter the fundamental state of leadership described by Quinn. In the following paper, I want to describe the situation that happened to me already a while ago, when I tried myself during a part-time summer job in one company. I worked there as an intern, and a circle of my responsibilities was quite small with not more than two working hours a day. I have already been there for a month, when suddenly one challenge appeared on my way. The firm was quite big and had many departments, and Public Relations unit was there as well. However, for some reason, a very important event for the company was coming and there was no one who could take care of the organization of all the needed things. One woman from the PR department went on maternity leave, the other was ill, one moved to another department, and their boss was on a business trip. For some reason, I was assigned to do all the work and preparation including organizing transpiration, decoration, dinner, official speeches, press release and other things. I was very scared as I have never had to do such a serious task in my life and I understood that my future recommendations as well as the career (even if it would be anywhere else) would depend much on the successful fulfillment of these tasks.   

The first stage that I experienced was related to movement from comfort to result-oriented zone, where I had to build the future of the situation I have desired. I saw that I needed help from the other departments in order to make a rehearsal and assure that everything would run smoothly. Thus, I have committed myself that I need to do and I can do it. In fact, it gave me confidence. I believed that I could deliver great results.

The direction has started to come from internal side, as I have listened to myself and realized that this was what I could do and should do despite the external circumstances and possible obstacles. I started to trust my taste while selecting the place where the guests were to have dinner, and I had no doubts that I made a right choice.

Being other-focused has become my main objective, as I felt that I was fighting for the common goal and soothing that is going to improve everyone’s behavior and future accordingly. I worked not only for my benefit, but also for the people who were around me as I were to represent the company, not individuals.

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I have experienced growth; what was preliminary a very complicated and unsolvable situation for me twisted into a challenge that I had to take courage to accept and deliver great results. I aimed to do everything right. However, I was open to feedback and appreciated when people told me their opinion about my job. I was willing to take the risk that other people would not like me, because I was trying the situation. However, I wanted a change and explore something new.  

All the senses related to vulnerability, commitment, purposefulness, and others significantly increased in the fundamental state of leadership. The event run successfully and I did not fail the company and showed myself from a better side.   

Moreover, I want to mention that during this experience I have learned much about coaching and its importance. The role of the coach is much deeper as it might seem. It requires an individual to be able to provide an imperceptible nudge, challenge values, create a climate of dignity and freedom, ask questions with deeper meanings, and call for reflection. Self-confrontation is always involved in personal growth (O’Connor, Yballe, 2007).

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