Recommendations to the Ministry of Sports of India for Managing International Sports Events


Public Management of international sports events is definitely a tough job and needs specialised attention in various multidimensional fields.  In this context, the implementation of public management seems to get restricted to a great extent. To meet the modern needs of management structure, it is very obvious to follow the infrastructural management developed under NPM that is New Public Management. The ideological ground is to specify over the concerns of welfare and performances delivered under competitive and cost effective environment. Instead of simple public management structures, NPM is a well balanced and highly upgrade mode of proceeding that suits the international dealings in the best possible way.  

In this paper the basic motive is therefore to recommend the structure of NPM to the Ministry of Sports in India for the successful public management of international events like, 2010 Hockey World Cup (Field Hockey), 2010 Commonwealth Games and 2011 Cricket World Cup. The approach is towards making some of the effective recommendations based on NPM for a smooth presentation of these international sports events.

Nature and Functionalities of NPM

NPM basically gets recognised as 'Entrepreneurial Government'. The chief motive is to gain higher levels of efficiency, proper effectiveness in the management format and above all balanced economy. NPM concentrates over performance delivered in public sector. These performances are delivered by means of utilising modern and sophisticated managerial tools. These tools can be recognised as following-

  • cost cutting,
  • performance appraisal,
  • financial incentives,
  • functional autonomy,
  • output targets,
  • market orientations,
  • innovation presentations,
  • accountability and
  • being responsiveness.

NPM is an advanced formulation to meet the demands and the perspectives of globalised transformations. In order to gain appropriate public management on the basis of liberalisation and globalisation, it is important that every organisation, both government and non-government adopt NPM. Its feature to deal with market infrastructure against state is the key to dominate and regularise fundamental social and economic proceedings of a state.

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Specialised Recommendations

Implementation of NPM on practical ground is necessary for Ministry of Sports. It is important here to note that while adopting this form, Ministry of Sports should get willing to perform as a catalytic and must drive steering mechanism to lead various service providers. There is also the need to provide enough empowerment to all those people who are related to the international events, especially the citizens of India. Ministry of Sports have to facilitate as well promote empowerment of every single individual and related communities. This will manage ground to solve most of the lower levelled problems. Levels of efficiency in managing economy must get restructured as per the globalised norms. Everything has to be cost effective and all the agencies involved in the task should focus on the reasonable outcomes based on performances  (Grönlund and Andreas, 2008). Emphasis should be led over the determined goals of presenting 2010 Hockey World Cup (Field Hockey), 2010 Commonwealth Games and 2011 Cricket World Cup at its best way.

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Globalisation and liberalisation should be expanded through the adoption of upgrade software systems. Participation of international management systems and various levels of SAP can bring in a devastating different to the role played by the Ministry of Sports in India in the declaration of these events. It is definitely a massive administrative persuasion and must get well supported by modern technological and business strategies.  Every inch of administration and management must be goal-oriented and visitor-oriented. Ministry of Sports must take assistance from governance at every level to make services more convenient. Scope for competitive environment among service providers is a compulsion for quality services. Risk management tools and planning are the core elements that Ministry of Sports must concentrate before making the entire approach. It is all about investing and earning in absolute financial persuasion. To a great extent there will be the need for decentralised kind of administration. This is important to keep negative consequences away from political and social hierarchies.

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To make international sports events successful on global basis, the Ministry of Sports in India needs to adopt a specific role as per the global management system. A free flow access to e-commerce and online initiatives are some of the roles that the Ministry of Sports in India must encourage. The marketing and the sponsoring of the international sports can be considered as effective when it will get acknowledgements and appreciations from all over the world. It is through new and latest management tools that the Ministry of Sports in India must adopt NPM for successful public management of international events like, 2010 Hockey World Cup (Field Hockey), 2010 Commonwealth Games and 2011 Cricket World Cup. These tools and measures are utilised to fine tune the entire infrastructure of public administration in India as a whole. This can be attained through absolute contributions led from the local to national level. The issues related to security and positive environment are the basic for these adaptation. There will be demand for absolute public awareness through media and all kinds of communicative systems  (Charles, 1999). Entire Indian administration must accept every changed instruction for globalised and privatised negotiations.

Ministry of Sports must get enough support and assistance from every walk of governance. The participation of local government and the state government are also very vital. There should be absolute cooperation from these levels to the Ministry of Sports for the upcoming international sports events. The motive of entire governance should be towards the establishment of liberalisation and globalisation for a comfortable and systematic persuasion of international sports events in India. It is definitely the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Sports to initiate every aspects of NPM on national basis. It is important to note that for an effective implementation of NPM, the Ministry of Sports must borrow various methods, determined practices as well as predetermined procedures from the domains of business administration and thereby take the liberty to advocate the same in managing public administration to each of the sectors that are related to upcoming international sports events (Waterhouse, Brown, and Flynn. 2003 pp. 230 - 241).

The Ministry of Sports needs to emphasis on some of the specialised methods and aspects for initiating the international sports events. It must make enough provision to emphasis on diversified managerial skills while constructing and re-constructing policies for each of the events.  To meet the globalised demands the Ministry of Sports have to adopt professionally trained and very suitable management staff as well as practices. These professionals will make things possible as per their expertise and will bring in a more systematic ground for public management. There will be an absolute need for autonomy, supported by decentralisation of al those sectors that are dealing directly or indirectly with the public. These settings will manage appropriate standards for public management measurements with per­formance. In order to provide the players with all kinds of facilities, the Ministry of Sports must prefer private ownership through deregulation and thereby needs to keep options open for promoting competition. In every aspect the delivery of effective and responsive public service will be a compulsion.

Every person who comes from abroad must feel that every single arrangement is done for their comfort. This is the reason, that Ministry of Sports needs to emphasis over every renewed form of public management and provide stress on performance rather than policies.  The target is to attain efficiency for appraisal. Balanced transformation of levels of public bureaucracies can be attained through agencies that are dealing with user-pay basis. Ministry of Sports should also thus focus on increased utilisation on quasi-markets. It can have systematic persuasions within the presentations of the events by contracting all sorts of out services. This will definitely enhance every possible ground for com petition. Through flexible and absolutely autonomous kind of management, Ministry of Sports can gain financial back ups through incentives and multifaceted target setting.


As a whole Ministry of Sports needs to adopt NPM with basic emphasis over risk management tools and specialised concentration over productivity added by diversified modes of cost-effectiveness among every individual who is associated with these international sports events. However, there are instances led by Steccolini and Anessi-Pessina (2009 Pages 1 - 14) that specifies that NPM is more inclined to get carried away by legislative pressure.  The Ministry of Sports should be particular about this aspect. Though it will take support from every level of governance yet must stick on the upgrade notions of NPM. There is an absolute need to feel the importance of public services adopted through globalised market strategies.  A combination of hold over management tools for the purpose of evaluating public initiatives added by effective performance indicators in the domains of investments made in sports and indicators for all the related public investments are very important (Alonso and Sánchez, 2009). Financial, moral and managerial cadres are core thread that has to be knitted well for a successful result oriented event management. The entire event management thus has to be customer-oriented, with scope for decentralisation of every inch of authoritative structure and with the dominance of making determined distinction between structured policy and very effective execution of it.



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