Organizing as a function of management is defined as the process of having together the financial, physical, human resources and ensuring a working cordial relationship amongst all workers in order to achieve the organizational set goals and objectives and in accordance with the vision and mission (Charles, 2006). Henry Fayol later explains in detailed that, organizing in an organization entail providing the business with everything useful for it to function effectively and efficiently. These requirements include capital, raw materials, tools, equipment and the personnel or the human resources. Organizing a business is essential especially in determining and providing to the organizational structure with the needed human and non human resources (Storey, 2008). In any organization, human resources are crucial either for the success or failure of the organization. This is because failure of the human resource department to have the right people with right responsibilities and duties may make the organization fail to achieve the set goals and objectives. The human resource depart must recruit personnel with the necessary skills, experience, competencies and the academic qualifications. In organizing, it specifically deal with:

  1. Classification or grouping of activities.
  2. Identification of activities to be accomplished in an organization.
  3. Assigning of duties and responsibilities to the individual person to perform.
  4. Creation of responsibility and its guidelines and regulations.
  5. Procedure for delegation of authority within the organization (Charles, 2006).
  6. Communication and coordination of responsibility and authority relationships.

Having the organization which fulfills the above requirements will lead to a reduction in misunderstanding and reduction in conflicts within and without the organization (Storey, 2008). Poor human resources organizing will affect the organization business organization negatively. The right people should be assigned their specific duties and responsibilities so as to discharge them in a more professional and diligent manner. With this orderly assignment of duties will really ensure achievement of the organizational goals and objectives (Storey, 2008). Management entails the social process involving the duty and responsibility for efficient economical, effective planning and regulation of the operations of the business enterprise so as to fulfill certain purpose or aim. Since it is a dynamic process, it consists of various elements and activities. These elements and activities are different especially on there operation in different functional areas such as finance, accounting, sales and marketing and research and development. It is therefore important in organizing of human resources. Organizing is therefore assigning each person with the right duties and responsibilities based on his or her skills and competencies (Charles, 2006).

With regards the technology, it links the performance and growth by being efficient, improved productivity, competitive position, market share and the quality. Due to innovation and dynamism in the technology the organization must adopt the right equipment for it to achieve the set goals and objectives (Storey, 2008). Training is essential for human resources to understand and use the new machines due to the rapid changing technology. It is also about assigning the right equipment to perform its intended purpose. Innovation is faster and the organizations must ensure it competes well with other firms so as to reduce costs and to maximize the profit margins. Technology in an organization especially in organizing is crucial because failure to have the right equipment may lead to poor quality products which may lead low sales turnover or lack of loyal customers to the organization. Having the modern technology in the organization means that the business conforms to the requirements in line with the vision and mission of the organization. In view of this, organizing is the most important function in management of the organization (Charles, 2006). This is because all other functions within the organization depend on assigning the right people and equipment their duties and responsibilities. From the above discussion it is important for the management to understand organizing as a function of management since it is crucial to the technology and human resource.



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