Human Resources and Technology

This article attempts to evaluate two organizational areas that relates to Exxon Mobil organization about human resources and technology. How does the organization train its human resource? How has the organization applied technology in its operations? It will further discuss how the organization has optimized these organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency.

Talk of technology and the first thing that comes into your mind is Exxon Mobil. Being a worldwide organization that deals with petroleum products, Exxon Mobil has for the longest time embraced technology in almost all its operation. Technology has enabled this worldwide company to compete favorably in providing energy while also ensuring that they minimize impacts on the environment as much as possible (Eguchi & Machida 2007). Technology has proved important given that, some places where products are found require the most recent methods in order to access them. One of the technology applications being used by Exxon Mobil is the 3-D combined with computers to access oil locations (Eguchi & Machida 2007).

Another way that technology is being utilized in Exxon Mobil is by using R3M, which by use of waves can easily detect the oil depots undersea. This recent technology is very accurate and saves time. The organization is also using the most recent drilling machines to drill wells. The machine is able to dig the wells in a horizontal and vertical way reducing the distance all together (Eguchi & Machida 2007).

Technology has made it possible for Exxon Mobil to manufacture oil products offshore something that had proved difficult since its inception. Its technology has provided a way out to get some new energy such as heavy oil among others. Lubricants integrated with the complex technology have shown impeccable performance and this has resulted to hike in profits and a joy to the consumer. Their dedication to technology has brought on the surface beneficial goods and services to the consumer who comes face to face with difficulties on the roads and in all other means of transport (Eguchi & Machida 2007).

In respect to technology, Exxon Mobil has taken part in ensuring they manufacture products, which are environmental friendly. This has been made possible through application of research with other interested partners in order to increase efficiency. For instance, the organization has joined hands with other business partners to produce fuel from algae that is free from harmful emissions. The fuels which emanates from algae has helped a lot in curbing global warming which has proved a menace for quite sometime now (Eguchi & Machida 2007).

The organization has also collaborated with tire companies to come up with a new technology that provides for a lining, which makes tires more comfortable on the roads thus saving on fuel. The technology in oil has made it possible to improve on the economy up to three percent compared to the previous grades (Eguchi & Machida 2007). The organization is still working day and night to come up with what could be the biggest breakthrough in technology of developing hydrogen-manufacturing system that changes hydrocarbons to fuel, which is in form of hydrogen within the car engine. If this is achieved, it will help solve problems of motorists running out of fuel while on the road (Eguchi & Machida 2007).

Among the recent technologies by Exxon Mobil is manufacturing of vehicle body parts made of complex plastic that has aided in minimizing the overall weight of a vehicle that helps save on fuel. Going by all this, it is evident that the organization is all set to invest by far in technology that allows it to reach deposits, which are rich in fuel. In the same breath, they want to assure that technology brings more profit than you can ever imagine (Eguchi & Machida 2007).

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Exxon Mobil provides diverse training for their workers ranging from computer related courses to local teamwork. Armed with computer knowledge, workers can easily learn a lot and find it easy to operate. There are also sessions where the newly employed are given a chance to learn new things from the old workers. The manufacturers also offer training on new workers about their areas of operations. For instance, workers in the IT region have trainers such as Intel who feeds them with instructions about their specialized commodities (Mathis & Jackson 2007).

In human training still, those occupying high positions in the management also get training formally; however, their managers have to select them for this. Workers who are eligible for more training can be taken abroad for the same. The training regions of Exxon Mobil include phoenix, Arizona, California among others. In respect to training costs, the organization caters for everything. The workers are trained in English, which is the mode of communication in many countries of its operation (Mathis & Jackson 2007).

A major reason why Exxon Mobil organization is respected worldwide is due to its programs, which are meant for mentoring its workers. These are in most cases offered by the engineers and workers who have worked with the organization for long (Mathis & Jackson 2007). Mentors in most cases target the newly employed and those newly recruited in the organization. Those who have been in the organization for long are issued with more guidelines on how to improve their areas of operation (Jackson & Schuler 2008).

The organization has training for all its workers to improve their experience. Courses are offered annually in order to ensure the workers remain updated on the organization’s policies of operation, which keep on changing (Jackson & Schuler 2008). This is carried out in all corporate areas of operation. In the same respect, workers are subjected to training on cultural differences. This happens to all regardless of the position in the organization. The new workers are also expected to discuss with their mentors on why it is necessary for them to train. All these trainings are offered online. The organization also offers talks on the radio all under one roof (Jackson & Schuler 2008).

Exxon Mobil offers training in geosciences in the most recent method. This attracts most of its workers who have an interest in the same. The training in this specific field takes maximum period of two years and is designed with the organization’s needs (Mathis & Jackson 2007). For very worker taking part in the training, it is meant to equip them fully with knowledge to work in any place in the world. The organization holds the belief that, such funds used in training will eventually be ripped back following the good services, which will earn more profit and reputation to the company (Jackson & Schuler 2008).

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Although there are so many companies offering training to their human resource, it cannot be compared with that one of Exxon Mobil. It is one of the most developed in the world. The fact that the company caters for the training expenses is something worthy noting because it is not very common (Jackson & Schuler 2008). Putting into consideration the technology and the well-trained workers, it is evident that it is for this reason they realize big profits every year to an extent of rivaling the world giant profit making Wall-mart. The development of its human resource is the secret behind the magnificent revenues (Jackson & Schuler 2008).

To justify further, its training of its human resource is very clear that they want excellent performance in all its operation and its goes in line with the mission statement of the organization (Jackson & Schuler 2008). This has enabled workers to take everything seriously from the field to training and any other activity in the company. Technology and training of Exxon Mobil employees has made the organization’s operations more efficient and competitive and this has kept it on its feet while others collapsing. In fact, it is a classic example of an organization that has survived in places where many have failed.

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