Proposal regarding the application of new Case Management for Police Operations

This memorandum aims in offering a new case management system to the Northampton Police Department Crime Laboratory. The approach has been initiated to meet the current grievances in the field of operations led by this agency. The basic objective of the system is to provide with a balanced operative structure that can be utilized by courts, for law enforcement and to make efficient corrections within the agency in a very minimal cost. Absolute concentration has been led over the maximum use of security followed by the scope of accessibility within the agency.

Adoption of new criminal justice operations under the dominance of case management system; the agency will achieve scope to focus on broader perspectives of any case. Properly structured transferable skills, followed by understanding of stresses will offer the agency with maximum use of requisite potentialities. The entire proceeding will concentrate over the promotional aspects of maintaining public service industry. Practical innovative training classes and development of planning skills will get prior importance in this venture. Connectivity and establishment of valid communicative threads are the basic forte of this system. Every single member of the organization can get into the database and check the status of the case. Restrictions will be offered in terms of any kind of amendment or upgrade activity t the cases.

This system has been designed to store and access all the information collected about the offender. Every information will get update with the addition of new information. This will however not delete the original information. Every out dated information will get stored in a different drive. The intranet facilities will enhance in the distribution of information to every corner f the agency. Anyone will have access to the details of the offender. Any latest update will get added to the information list by single user module. This single user can share the accessibility codes with few of the people. The records from the crime scene to the day justice gets declared, will be made a part of the entire record. There will be scope to look into similar cases performed in different countries of the world. This will enhance in offering best of the management structure to the offender. All the sections within the department can offer suggestions and there will be online accessibility to the discussion board. These approaches are every inexpensive and will hardly add much to the entire cost of expenditure. The system will lay emphasis on balanced speculation over the implementation of criminal justice system through the accessibility grounds of intranet within the agency.

The only limitation that this system accepts is the accessibility with those people who are either on leave or are out of the agency. The proceedings of managing every criminal and offensive issue will be handled only by those people who are present in the agency. The tracking of members will not be entertained to limit the accessibility jurisdiction. Since the functionalities of this system are much closer to the provisions of internet, there will be wider ranges of accessibility and hardly there will be any need for training to the members of the agency. It will be however important to offer the upgrade procedure to selected bunch of people.

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