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Marketing strategy

The concept of marketing is an important consideration which basically leads to availability of an entities product of service to the final end users. The major concern n respect to this paper is consideration of marketing strategies of Apple Company. To begin with it is important to understand the meaning of the term marketing mix. Marketing mix is an important aspect in any given organization, institution, or business entity that helps managers to make marketing decisions. Marketing mix constitutes of four main controllable elements namely product, place, price, and promotion. The 4p’s are important parameters controllable by a marketing manger in Apple Company or subjected to internal and external constraints in relation to marketing environment.  

The objective of controlling the 4p’s is for the manger to satisfy customer’s needs in target market. Apple Company tires to generate positive response by blending the four marketing mix variables in an optimal manner. Marketing mangers in Apple Company are in a position to adjust the marketing mix elements frequently on the basis of changing needs in respect to target market. It is also an important measure that aims to meet the dynamics of marketing environment. Another considerable measure by Apple Company is to maximize its performance through proper management of marketing mix elements.


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Product as an element of marketing mix means physical or tangible products and services. Product decisions made in respect to this marketing mix element include styling, safety, warranty, repairs, brand name, accessories, and functionality. Initially it was assumed that a good product can market itself. With existence of competitive markets it has become of great concern that there are no poor products in the markets. In addition the presence of laws that provides that a customer has the right to return products he or she finds to be defects means that an entity like Apple Company should offer products that meets the needs of customers.


The pricing models considered by marketing managers in Apple Company take into considerations the profit margins and response of competitors. Major considerations in respect to price include list price, discounts, allowances, and financing.


Place also known as placement includes the decisions made in respect to distribution channels that help Apple Company to get its products to target customers. Various functions in relation to space are carried out by the marketing managers such as logistical, transactional and facilitating. The major concern by the marketing managers is to provide products at the right place, time, and quantities so as to satisfy customer needs. There has been a revolution in respect to placement of products in the modern world of technology especially developments in internet and mobile phones. Distribution decisions in respect to this element of marketing mix include locations, service levels, internet, logistics, and channel motivation.

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This represents the various aspects that help a marketing manger to communicate the information in relation to a product with the view of generating positive customer response. Marketing mangers in Apple Company are usually informed about the customer needs before deciding the appropriate measure necessary to market its products. Promotion has become one of the most relevant elements of marketing mix in the current competitive markets. The marketing communication decisions in respect to promotion include advertising, media, direct sales, public relations, and message.

SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis is one of the major considerations by Apple Company in its strategic planning process. It is an important measure in relation to analysis of internal and eternal environment. In this respect the internal environmental factors are classified as the strengths(S) or weaknesses (W). On the other hand the external environmental factors in relation to Apple Company are classified under opportunities (O) or threats (T).The objective of carrying the SWOT analysis is to provide critical information important for matching the firm’s resources and its capabilities considering the competitive market environment.

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Internal analysis

 Under internal analysis Apple company strengths include the resources and capabilities used as a basis for developing competitive advantage. Major considerations in respect to its strengths include maintenance of good reputation among customers, accessibility to distribution networks, patents, accessibility to high quality natural resources, and strong brand names. The weaknesses on the other hand refer to absence of particular strengths in Apple Company. The weaknesses include weak brand name, high cost structure, and lack of access to distribution channels, poor marketing strategies, location of business, damaged reputation, or lack of patent protection.

External analysis

This incorporates external environmental elements such as opportunities and threats. Opportunities in this scope refer to external elements that lead to profitability or growth of the company. Examples of opportunities include new international markets, mergers or joint ventures, new developments in markets such as internet, and capturing new market segments that provide improved profits. On the other hand a threat results from changes in external environment. Examples of threats include price wars with competitors, introduced taxation on products or services, new competitor in the market, and competitions accessing superior channels of distribution.

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Apple Company considers the SWOT matrix as a measure towards development of strong strategies for dealing with internal and external environment factors. Major considerations in respect to this concept include first, the strategic managers pursue opportunities that best fit the company’s strengths. Second, the managers are usually concerned with strategies that overcome weaknesses to pursue opportunities. Third, the mangers are usually concerned with identification of ways used by the firm as strengths to reduce its vulnerability in respect to external threats. Fourth, the strategic mangers in Apple Company establish a defensive plan with the objective of preventing firm’s weaknesses from making the entity susceptible to external threats such as competitions.

SWOT Analysis Apple Company

The Strengths of Apple Company

Apple Company is a well established manufacture of personal computer and specializes in manufacture of hardware. Strength is that Apple Company is known for development of a graphical based computer. This is an indication that Apple computer is based on innovative ideas. This made it to the pioneer in such innovations. The products from Apple Company are known for easy use. They are considered as the goods which can easily used and which are readily available in the market place. Apple has an added advantage in that it produces both the computers as well as the operating systems. This is an indication that it has control of its products.  The improved IT practiced by Apple Company makes its products well known. Another income for Apple comes from the sale of notebooks.

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Apple also encounters some weaknesses. There has been image problem of the products of Apple. This is because the ease use of the products has led to people undermine them even referring them to as toy. Macintosh which is a brand of Apple is not compatible. This is a shortfall in the IT market. It has also the weaknesses of predicting demand over short span of time.

Apple Opportunities:

There are several opportunities for Apple Company. It has the opportunity of market creation for both software and hardware. A new market for Apple Company is readily available in the education sector. This is because most schools opt for the Macintosh brand.  Another opportunity for Apple is that it is in a position to incorporate music player and iTunes in to mobile phone.


There are also some threats for Apple Company. The rivals of Apple such as Intel have offered some competition to Windows NT which Apple launched. NT windows are of higher advantage since it minimizes some weaknesses encountered in the combination of DOS and Windows. In order to conquer the market Apple should unveil another operating system which outwits its competitors such as Intel. Another threat in IT companies such as Apple is the issue of product substation.  The prevailing market considers mp3 and iPod. This has taken over products such as CD and DATA.  Information leakage in Apple is another threat for the company. For instance, the case of 2005 revealed that the company’s confidential information had leaked to its competitors. The worst thing in this case was that, the source of the information was the employees of Apple. This is a major threat for Apple Company.

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PEST Analysis Apple Company

There are two types of environment under which organizations operate; macro and micro environment. This environment changes over time. In order for an organization to be successful, it is good to take in to consideration both the internal and external environment. This enables identifying the various factors influencing the business. Macro environment include factors such as social, political, technological and economic. Apple Company considers political factors such as employment laws and taxes. Other political factors include; government policy, tariffs, political stability and trade. Some of the technological factors embraced by Apple Company include; change in technology, automation, technology research and shift in technology. Apple company is also concerned about the social factors which include; religion, ethnicity and distribution of age.  Exchange rates and inflation are some of the economic factors considered by Apple Company.

The forces put across by porters include; substitute product threat, market rivalry, customer’s power, market entry forces and supplier power. In auditing Apple Company, all these forces should be taken in to consideration since they affect the success of the company. It should be understood the possibility of entry of competitors in the market as well as the bargaining power of suppliers. Substitute threats are other forces which should be considered critically since it determines the price at which products should be set.

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In conclusion, in auditing Apple Company there are various factors which should be taken in to consideration. These include; marketing mix, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Competitive analysis amongst others factors which affect the success of the company.



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