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General motor is an automaker company that is based in the United States. It is the first automotive research centre in the world and was invented by Charles Kettering in 1920. Since then, the automaker company has made a great progressing its development and was listed as a leading stock exchange company in November 2010. It has several branches in United States and even some in other continents. This shows how enormous the company is, and how famous it has become all over the globe. General motors is the second automaker company worldwide and it's headquarter is based in Detroit, Michigan. General motors hold business transaction in more than 130 countries and produces vehicles for more than 30 nations. General motors have employed 200,000 workers in almost all its branches. This company is among the best automakers in the world and that produces the best vehicle models. The vehicles produced in general motors are such as, Chevrolet, Vauxhall, Cadillac, GMC among others. Most of the contracts given to general motors are production of trucks and cars. The company provides it's customers with security and information services that will help then in securing their vehicles. The vehicles produced in general motors have alarms and alert systems made with the latest technology techniques (Briscoe, Schuler& Claus 2008).

General motors, has adapted a production system named global manufacturing system. This is a system meant to improve the standards of their products so as to attract more customers worldwide. This system can somehow be compared to the lean production because; they almost have the same rules. Lean production is a production system that was developed by Toyota and other manufacturing companies of automobile. Lean production has been there for some time and the system has brought immense progress in the automobile world. Automakers are now respected and are considered to be among the companies that makes massive profits annually. Automakers are also contributing a lot in boosting the economic growth of United States and countries with these branches. General motors decided to implement this system, because they had seen how lean production improved the production standards of Toyota. The rules made by general motors were supposed to be followed in order to reach the standard that was aimed. General motor have put a lot of effort in ensuring that it's rules are followed and that has led to it's success. In the year 2010, general motors prove to the world that automakers are the best stock exchanging companies. This was seen when they were listed among the top companies with high stock exchanging rates.

Germany has several branches of general motors as well as china. These states have different stories in the strategies they use in upgrading their standards. The global manufacturing system was to be implemented in both states but one of them should be made the headquarters according to its business recording. Eliminating waste was one of the factors to be considered by general motor in their new production system. The company began concentrating on projects that brought massive profits, and eliminated the others on their budgets. This was a way of saving money that lost in projects that were not beneficial to the company. For example, they started producing trucks and cars only, since they are the ones that had high demand and could be sold easily. This enabled the company to make a lot of money within a short period. This is among the main factors that contributed to the top listing of the company ion November 2010. By doing this, company had enough space for storing cars and trucks after they were produced. This made it possible to display many cars and trucks of different models and standards. This attracted many customers, since trucks and cars were most preferred.

General motors decided to minimize inventories, since they were spending a lot of funds producing new models that were not liked by their customers. This was a system meant to improve the company standards, but it did not work. The company had to take other responsive measure so as to ensure the company is still on the top. Although the competition was stiff this made it worse for the company, since they were running out of funds to develop their projects. By maximizing inventories, the company was able to concentrate on the best-selling models and the ones that most preferred by the customers. With time, the company was able to improve the quality of their products without changing their models. This attracted more customers and at the same time improve the financial status if the company.

The company also maximized the flow of their products. In the past the company bought excess product for their production, and wasted a lot of resources. They budget was strictly followed and no money was wasted in buying excess goods. The saved cash could later be used in improving the standard and quality of their products. The company ensured that the funds set for emergencies were only used only when there were no other options. This requires a lot of discipline to follow these rules. Small projects were allocated with few funds and the most profitable project gets most of the funds. This was not only a way of saving money, but also a way of disciplining the worker in moving in the right direct that leads to success. This ensured the company's future was secure, and it will still run if funds were few.

The company gave the customer and the public the opportunity to suggest the models they preferred and aired their opinions. This allowed customers to get what they wanted since the company knew what they mostly liked. The public and felt appreciated and gave back by influencing other people to buy vehicles in general motors Automakers Company. Due to suggestions made, the customers were sure to get certain models in the company. The company did not disappoint its customers and instead, they provide all that was suggested by people. The relation between the administration of the company and the people was fantastic, and people freely commented on changes made. This helped the company discover their best move towards their aim. The people trusted the company and did their best in promoting them.

The company administrators made it sure that the customer were contented by the goods they bought. For instance, the products made by the general motor were original and not counterfeits. This won the trust of customers and the influence of the customers brought more customers. The company discovered that it was hard for a customer to move to other company if all their requirements were met. This made them feel like they have part in the company and that they are responsible for improving the company's standards. General motors ensured this was met by conducting research and interviews. The demand for products made them identify the most preferred and those that were least preferred (De Cieri, 2005).

In the beginning of implementing new ideas, the company ensured that they did it the right way, at least for the first time so as to attract many customers. This switched the mentality of the customer that every thing in the company was of high quality. Some time customers could not even notice a difference in the quality of the products. This means that people had faith in general motors and believed they had the best. People were even eager to seen the new products and models made by the general motors automotive company. Since this was the first company to hold a centre for research on automotive, the company gained skills on how to handle business on the right way. Many companies had substantial and admirable models, but since they had not win the trust of customers, they couldn't convince customers to shop in their stores. In Germany civil and criminal are extremely different. In terms of punishment, under criminal law the wrong doer may be jailed or even executed while under civil law the defendant only compensates the plaintiff for all the losses that he may have incurred because of his behavior. In criminal law, the prosecutor must proof that the defendant is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt while in civil law the plaintiff only needs to present evidence of the defendants negligence.

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The company had training sessions for their workers and ensured that they gain the best skills. Empowerment of workers improved the relationship between them and the customers. One of the key factors that they were taught is the best ways of handling customers. Some customers were polite and other extremely rude. This provided the workers with knowledge and skills to handle different people. The workers in the production sector were also trained on how to produce quality products that would please the customers. The customers were provided with quality service making them comfortable in buying their goods in the company. Workers handled customers with professional skills making them feel appreciated. They saw the company as a civilized one since the workers handled customers in disciplined manners. Following the Wolof Report In the year 1996 there have been considerable improvements to the civil justice system in Germany. This is because the report advocates for simplification of the procedures, speeding up of justice and protocol applicable to both sides. This would become a reality with the inclusion of more staff to the judicial system in china. Failure of compliance leads to direct costs payable when the case is heard before a court. These reforms are supremely beneficial as they have made the judicial system more reliable and people can put trust on their system.

Many automakers companies emerged and competition became stiff. Every company was coming up with different style of pleasing different customers. General motors begun losing their customers every single day. They had to either improve the quality of their goods or change the models and bring a new style. General motor is a very old company, and if the designs and models of the past are still the ones in their markets, customers would shift to other companies with modern and the latest developed styles. The company had to move with the pace of the current styles. This did not mean that they were supposed to leave the old fashions and make new models; this meant that they had to modify their products and bring out modern design that was preferred by many customers. In terms of the education system, the Chinese students are discriminated against. One, the education is hardly accessible to other people since it is too expensive and they can not afford it. Secondly, the lectures are taught in Chinese yet the Germans students may not understand the language. This in turn could cause underdevelopment of Chinese people and hence even the future generations will not be knowledgeable enough to be able to compete in the market as they could not access quality education in a language that they can understand.

Everyone has a right to education and no one should be denied the chance to quality education just because of the mere fact they do not understand a certain language. The Chinese students are at an advantage since they fully understand their native language. They therefore are open to many opportunities unlike the german. This is discrimination and very unfair as we do not choose where we are born or the native language that we talk. Education has made students to study hard since high level of education was meant for one to be a ruler in their case while those with low levels were meant to be ruled (Edwards & Rees, 2006). China is not an independent state .This is because after it was detached from mainland China, the recognized republic was the Republic of China (ROC). Due to this Taiwan is not recognized as a republic but rather as under the constitution of the Republic of China. Taiwan has wanted to be an independent state for a long time but this has not been possible for a long time. However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this issue as different people have diversified opinions.

Taiwan considers itself a distinct and independent state from Mainland China. However, other countries like the United States consider Taiwan to be part of the Mainland China as they do not recognize the Taiwan boundaries internationally. To them China as a whole is one country and Taiwan is just part of it, there are no boundaries. Despite all these uncertainties, there are several things that a country must adhere to for it to be considered an independent state. It must have economic activity that it's carrying out, it must have the overall sovereign power, it must be able to provide social services to its members such as education and health facilities, it must have a basis of a large number of people residing in it and it must also have a transportation system to enable movement of goods and services. Taiwan fulfils almost all these conditions and hence may be considered an independent state though that is only on theory basis

The company could not succeed on its own and had to partner with its suppliers. Before the vehicle were produced there was sourcing of different products from many suppliers that would make one product. The company made contracts with its suppliers so as to ensure that they received quality products. For example, they promised to give the suppliers a certain percentage of money if the company gained past the amount they agreed. This made the suppliers contribute in improving the standards of products in general motors, since they received a bonus for their hard work. The suppliers also felt as part of the company and gave the best products that would produce quality products. This also ensured that the company constantly improved the amount of the profit they gained, since the suppliers made efforts to ensure that the company progressed well (Dickmann, 2008).

The managers in the company were determined to ensure the company was top listed. This created a mentality to customers that, the company has the best products and they constantly improved their standards and quality of their products. For instance, people like to be associated with big names and if the company is well known, people would be brought to move from different places just to buy vehicles from general motors stores. The company ensured the customer had this mentality, by holding awareness campaigns. Different people won different items and at the same time the company was extracting money from people who were participating. The ratio of the people who won was 1:10. Ten percent was for those who were lucky to win and the rest was profits gained by the company. This was an indirect way of extracting money from people and popularizing the company to people in different places.

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Due to the high population in china, the resultant effects of pollution are a liability. The clean up process is an overhead cost. As such, it must be controlled and therefore prevention is the best solution. The cost of controlling pollution from the source is much lower than waiting to deal with the consequences (Van, 2004). This acts as a drive for the military to comply with the laws that govern the environmental protection. Prevention is adequately achieved by reducing the amount of toxic substances in their operations or replacing these materials with those that posses a lesser degree of toxic substances. They could also reuse the products that are implemented in their operations. A third option is the possibility of recycling the products. This reduces the amount of waste materials and hence eventually reduces the amount of pollution and environmental degradation. This disadvantages china and give Germany the advantage of adapting the production system of the general motors.

In Germany There are different methods that are being applied so that environmental degradation as a result of military activities is considerably reduced. There are laws that ensure that military training ca not be carried out in densely populated areas. This ensures that the adverse effects that are as a result of hazardous wastes released in the environment during the military operations do not affect the individuals within that area. The military therefore has to comply with this law irrespective of where the military operations are taking place, both at home and in other foreign destinations. This prevents serious defects cases that are attributed to hazardous wastes disposed either in the water or in the soil. For example, there is a reported case of a woman in Philippines who suffered heavy metal poisoning due to the continuous exposure to contaminated water at Clark Air Base. Therefore, military training needs to take place in deserted areas so as to prevent the occurrence of such cases. There are also cases of cancer, leukemia, kidney diseases and skin diseases among others that have attributed to contamination of the environment during military training. This will some how affect the production system of the general motors.

Both china and Germany have all what it takes to adapt the production system and ensure that it works effective. The compliance with the set laws should begin from the seniors so as to ensure that they lead by example. Saving the environment today creates a future for tomorrow's generation. It is everybody's responsibility to ensure that as they go about their daily activities they save the environment. If all the above details on how compliance with the laws can be implemented are put into practice, the environment will be highly conserved and its use is going to last a long time. I look forward to a sensitive generation that prioritizes environmental protection. Protecting the environment is beneficial to both individuals and the state in large. However, china is seen to be the best and would do better than Germany. This is not only influenced by their high population, but also the high rate of technological inventions. This is an indicator that design with latest and modern style will be invented so as to content the customers' needs.

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