Organizational Training

Impact of poor orientation training on my job performance as Chef

Quality is a significant as well as a fundamental staffing metric as it poses the greatest impact on an enterprise performance. The impact of poor candidate quality as regards job performance has without a doubt, a financial impact on either an increase or decrease in the hiring costs. As a result of poor orientation training, I will find it difficult to perform my duties to a satisfactory level if the expectations are not very clear. Poor orientation training in this case implies that as a chef, I lack adequate information, tools and resources and will therefore not able to perform my job well and to the expected level despite my skills, knowledge and abilities. This will eventually affect my quality as a chef therefore having a significant impact on total customer satisfaction.

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Impact of poor orientation on my morale and how I viewed the employer

Poor orientation will without a doubt lower my morale. One major reason for this can be explained by the fact that I will not be able to clearly identify the performance expected from me by my employer. In this case, I will be viewing my employer as lacking management competency which entails his or her abilities to identify how he or she wants me to look, feel and act while carrying out my duties as a chef. This is actually his or her ability to specify what he/she wants, when he/she wants it, how he/she wants it, where he/she wants it and why.

Ways in which an employer could have made the orientation experience more beneficial for me and for the company

To be more effective, my orientation training ought to have included a discussion of a number of questions posed by me to the employer. This could have involved discussions on issues pertaining to pay periods and other benefits. Moreover, the employer ought to have given me a thorough review regarding the general policies and procedures as well as a discussion of the employee handbook. Finally, my orientation training ought to have included a discussion of the significance of total customer satisfaction in addition to an implementation of a continued communication process.

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Describe how organizations are dealing with diversity

Increasing globalization worldwide has led to interaction of people from various backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs than experienced before. Majority of the world population no longer work and live in an inward-looking market place, but are presently part of a global economy with increasing competition coming from all corners of various continents.

As a result, both the profit and non-profit organizations have embraced work force diversity so as to become more creative and receptive to change. Workplace diversity maximization and capitalization has become a significant management issue today (Gibbons, 2007).

One such company that has embraced workforce diversity for decades is McDonald's. One of the most significant ways MacDonald's has been able to manage diversity is through the implementation of policies as well as practices that has facilitated hiring of its employees who are outside the majority (MacDonald',2011).

It started the diversity campaign way back in the 1970s and has been able to achieve this through working with various outsourced consultants to come with the foundation of what has now become the Affirmative Action Department. Formalized in 1980, the department has presently turned out to be an inclusion and diversity department (MacDonald',2011).

Evaluate the effectiveness of Workforce Diversity

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Workforce diversity at McDonald's has been of great significant has it has been able to integrate diversity initiatives comprising of workforce, external partnership development, education, as well as metrics for MacDonald's international business (MacDonald',2011).

Reasons for my Opinion

It is without a doubt that the ability of a diverse group of individuals to put together strength and unity from their diversity forms the power that drives organizations into great heights of performance, a fact that is presently embraced globally by many international organizations. Certainly, organizations that intend to flourish in the years to come ought to have employees and managers who are knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with differences along identity lines.

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