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Information science and technology is a real life subject. It involves the acquisition, processing, storage, and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual or numerical information. In this regard it is a career which I have found to give someone a challenge into facing life. Pursuing this career has given me the satisfaction I have yarned for. My ideal job in this field is programming. This area gives me challenges in life. It is an area where one has to develop, solve and implement user needs in a manner which is free from errors. This aspect of the job calls for an individual who is analytical, futuristic, deliberative, and a developer. These attributes are useful in analyzing users' current needs, future needs through information technology solutions. Developing a software program to solve user needs and requirements and putting in place error debugging solutions gives me the feeling that my career is a real life and practical one. Programming also creates information technology solutions through friendly user interfaces which help users to work without any confusion and be able to correct errors without bearing the cost of the errors while in their daily work. Some of the areas in programming such as Visual Basic is a real life challenge where I can develop office solutions through Microsoft office operating systems such Excel, Word, outlook which have user interfaces and flow controls that make easy to perform day to day tasks. These programs should not be cumbersome in the manner in which they operate and gives me the challenge to make sure some like Outlook will give the user room to receive information in their inbox and be able to sent information in text massage form to other users in the case of intranet or internet.On the contrary in IT I dread a job where I am tasked with the work of ensuring that these programs which have been developed through thorough input of time, and expertise is protected from hackers and viruses. This task is one where one lives in a constant fear and threat of a possible attack which can lead to the user loosing the systems and the work in it. It in this regard I find this job a serious nightmare. It does not interest me to develop an adequate program for a user and then live in fear of an attack always.

The dynamic nature of this field makes it quite disturbing that by installing for example a firewall or a certain antivirus might not solve the problem fully unlike in the developing and writing of programs upon study of the user needs one can permanently solve that particular user need. In the world of business today it is important that developers write a program which is reliable and consistent with the changing business needs. A career in IT is quite dynamic in relation to the changing trends of the world. As a programmer this dynamicity calls for customization of programs as the need arises.

In getting my best job, I know there are several challenges that will come my way. Since I have chosen the programming field, I know it is going to be very challenging to give real life solutions to problems that come my way. There are many establishments out there who would be willing to get tailor made solutions that can befit their kind of working environment. As a programmer, I will need to work very hard as a programmer in order to climb up to the top level. I will need to demonstrate exceptional skills as well as emerge as a very outstanding programmer in my field. Al though I know that there are other well seasoned programmers who may be as well skilled as I am in this field, I know that if I strategically positioned myself then I can actually be able to achieve my desired goals.I personally have strengths that will endear me to the most relevant employers that we have in the country. One important quality that I have is that I am focused on the achievement of my set goals and I am always working towards the achievement of the same. My personality is also an important aspect that will contribute to the way in which I will achieve my desired goals. As a person, I know that I am a go getter who sets an eye on the goal and goes for it. N the whole, I am a believer in success and I foresee no obstacles that would make me unable to achieve my career goals.In order to overcome all the expected challenges, I plan to list down all my target achievements down and come up with a strategy on how I plan to achieve them. I will also arrange my goals in terms of priority and be monitoring the way I achieve them. On a daily basis, I will be able to monitor my success and weigh out how far I have gone. This will help me decide on whether I am on the right path or not. Further, the IT field requires me to stay abreast with the current issues concerning information technology so that I can build up on the skills that I already have.



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