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Systems Administrator


Systems Administration  |  Operations Management  |  Desktop Virtualization  |  

Systems Installation & Maintenance  |  Data Security  Accounting Software Maintenance  | 

Telecommunication Management  Management & User Support



Dedicated and result oriented individual who also offers an opportunity to others for both professional and personal growth. Outstanding problem solving and interpersonal skills with a reputation for exceptional client service andprovision of creative solutions to clients’ problems. Strong management skills in a busy information systems environment.Outstanding systems administration with proven success handling multiple responsibilities. Core competencies include:

IT Infrastructure Review                                                                           


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Desktop Virtualization

Systems Support

Systems Installations & Procurement

Management Assistance& Cost Estimation

Fleet Management

Payroll Processing

Marketing & Proposal Development


Professional  Experience

MOTIR SERVICES INC. WASHINGTON, DC                                                             JAN 2011 – PRESENT System Administrator

  • Review alternatives for better IT infrastructure and management.
  • Evaluate desktop virtualization solutions to reduce workstation management and deployment costs.
  • Manage company’s servers and workstations.
  • Hardware and software procurement, upgrades and maintenance.
  • End-user workstation support.
  • VOIP system management.
  • Data security and disaster recovery planning.
  • Business technology implementation.
  • Responsible for evaluation and procurement of technology solutions.
  • Deployment of workstations overseas.
  • Improvement of billing system for increased efficiency.
  • Implementation of new accounting software to improve accounting system.
  • Implementation of staffing software to boost productivity through appropriate staffing.
  • Implementation of USACE contract management software to streamline construction operations.
  • Introduction of document scanning technology to reduce paperwork during archiving.
  • Management of telecommunication devices including deployment and maintenance.

MOTIR SERVICES INC. WASHINGTON, DC                                                                 JAN 2004 – PRESENT

Executive Assistant to CEO

  • Assist the CEO in a variety of tasks.
  • Assist in marketing and proposal development.
  • Assist in procurement of corporate assets.
  • Develop project cost estimates.
  • Analyze awarded contracts at start-up, mid-term, and completion phases.
  • Process company’s account receivables and collections.
  • Provide operational support to Directors as well as assist in project start-ups as needed.
  • Review and manage company’s workers’ compensation and general liability insurance policies.
  • Manage vehicle fleet.
  • Responsible for obtaining and maintaining business certifications.
  • Positioned the company to be awarded DC Supply Schedule and GSA Schedule.

MOTIR SERVICES INC. WASHINGTON, DC                                                                 JAN 2004 – DEC 2007

Support Specialist

  • Provide operational support to Directors.
  • Provide support for proposal development and marketing.
  • Process company payroll.
  • Process accounts receivables, collections, and accounts payables.
  • Provide end-user support on workstations.


Education and Credentials

Microsoft Certified IT Professional – System Administrator, Ongoing,

Academy of Computer education, greenbelt, md.

Bachelor of Science – Information Systems & General Business, 2003,


Associate of Arts – Information Systems, 1999,



Windows Server 2008

Foundation Accounting

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Microsoft Windows XP and 7

MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)



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