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A New Mexico Military Institute graduate furnished with a solid-rock educational background.  Possessing vast experience in installation and servicing of electronic instruments, industrial assembly and quality inspection. Endeavoring to improve my current skill level and have the opportunity to advance my career in the right corporation which will make maximum use of my Information Technology proficiency, leadership and team-building skills.   


A highly dedicated, self-motivated and reliable individual, that handles his work with a lot of enthusiasm, prefers challenging work-environment and can beat any deadline. Result-focused professional furnished with latest skills in IT, leadership and team-building.


FEDEX CORPORATION: Courier/ Package Handler                                (2010 to Present)


Maintaining commitment of delivering and picking up packages as well as providing exceptional customer service


Knowledge of routes and shortcuts to deliver FedEx packages

DIRECYV/MULTIBAND SATELITTLE:  Installer Technician                  (2008 to 2009)


Installing cables and maintaining clean environment when leaving a customer’s home.

Ensuring communication of satellites between customer’s homes and the DIRECTV Network via satellite. 

Service Technician


Ensuring quality assurance of an Entry-Level Installation Tech work

Reviewing and making report on the quality of the organization, customer satisfaction, installations and how the system worked.

Delivering report to higher authority for assessment on weekly basis

GOODMAN/ CORESTAFF:   Industrial Assembler                                               (2008)


Assembling Air condition units and ensuring parts were painted correctly

Using large machines to form parts and equipments to assemble A/C units

EBONY OFFICE FURNITURES/ WAREHOUSE: Office furniture assembler (2004-2005)


Assembling office furniture according to issued directions

Cleaning, refurbishing and maintaining furniture to be displayed for consumer viewing and delivery

Warehousing logistics and inventory stock counts



Programming and installing advanced Satellite Technology

Job training on Coaxial Cable (RG –6, RG – 59)

Using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator to Design Websites and Logos for organizations such as Inspirational Art Garden and Maya Company Apparel

Troubleshooting, assembling and installing VSAT systems for HughesNet and Directy


Installing VSAT and troubleshooting

Installing satellites and ensuring customer satisfaction

Reporting customer satisfaction and quality assurance

Surveying technicians installments

Career Objective. Custom Career Objective Essay Writing Service || Career Objective Essay samples, help

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