Core Qualifications


Self-motivated professional with solid educational credentials and more than 10 years of experience in the field of healthcare and medical assistance. Skilled in providing medical services including conducting patients’ assessments, regular checkups, scheduling tests, recommending procedures and prescribing medications. Experienced in setting up medical procedures. Effective at teaching Medicine, Nutrition and Human Physiology. Adept at handling multiple research projects and writing medical publications.


  • General Medical Care Assistance
  • Patient Conditions Assessment
  • Medical Office Administrative Procedures
  • Basic & Medical Sciences Expertise
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Risk Management
  • Medical and Health Care Policies
  • Emergency Treatment Initiation 


Xinjiang Medical University, China

Internship in Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics,

Obstetrics and Gynecology and Child Health                                                          1995 – 1996

  • Assisted with diagnosing patients.
  • Assisted clinicians with setting up procedures and surgical operations.
  • Administered injectable medications.
  • Obtained and recorded patients’ vital signs including including blood pressure, temperature, etc.
  • Prepared patients for medical exams and guided them to the doctors.
  • Performed first aid activities.
  • Ensured the medicinal stocks were available in appropriate quantity.
  • Reported to the medical officer.

Xinjiang Medical University, China

Medical Officer, Lecturer                                                                                        1999 – 2002

  • Provided primary medical care including regular checkups, scheduling tests, recommending procedures and prescribing medications.
  • Managed patients’ assessment on admission according to the organization’s policy.
  • Managed specific medical procedures on patients within all departments as requested by medical staff: cannulation, commencing i.v infusions, urinary catheterizations, administration of i.v drugs, ECG, phlebotomy, etc.
  • Provided healthcare information requested by medical staff.
  • Assisted with pre-operative /admission and outpatient clinics.
  • Performed quality assurance assessments of services within a health care system.
  • Taught Medicine and Nutrition classes.
  • Implemented the teaching program in accordance with the guidelines of the university’s educational system.

University of Reading, United Kingdom

Academic Scientist                                        2002 – 2003


  • Performed detailed research in Hugh Sinclair Human Nutrition Unit.
  • Designed studies to test new medications.
  • Maintained research records and prepared reports on the research results.


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University of Wollongong, Australia

Part Time Human Physiology Teacher        2003 – 2005


  • Prepared Human Physiology Teaching program and daily classes in accordance with the guidelines of the university’s educational system.
  • Planned, set and evaluated grade tests and examinations.
  • Provided engaging activities and materials on Human Physiology.
  • Assisted in managing curriculum and stud courses for the students’ development.
  • Conducted assessment tests to evaluate students’ progress.



University of Wollongong, Australia

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)                                         2010


Xinjiang Medical University, China

Masters of Science in Medicine                                      1999


Xinjiang Medical University, China

Doctor of Medicine (MD)                                                1996


Xinjiang Medical University, China

Bachelor of Science in Medicine                                       1996


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AMC step I, IELTS, VMPF MCQ bridging courses completion  2011 


  • Dietary Omega-3 fatty acids, nutritional preconditioning of the heart against ischemic injury, University of Wollogong,PhD project
  • Examination of the impact of Apo lipoprotein E genotype on oxidative status in adults.
  • Genotype and CHD risk in British Sikhs.
  • The impact of proinflammatory cytokines on gene expression in monocytes. 


  • Cell Structure
  • DNA/RNA Extraction
  • Real Time PCR
  • High Resolution Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • Heart Ischemic Zone
  • Infarct Measurement Tools
  • Nutrition Assessment and Consulting
  • Histopathological Analysis
  • Nutrients/Food Micro constituents Analysis
  • Antioxidants and Free Radicals Measurement
  • Genotype for SNP
  • Western Blot Analysis
  • Animal Surgery 


- Languages: Uighur Turkish, Chinese, English

- Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

- Flexible

- Excellent Communication Skills

- Analytical Skills

- Problem Solving

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