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Connecting Learning to What’s Important. Custom Connecting Learning to What’s Important Essay Writing Service || Connecting Learning to What’s Important Essay samples, help

In the contemporary learning environment, majority of students are rarely aware about their unique learning styles, which has largely encouraged generalization of individual student profiles. In regard, to this my score reveals that a posses balanced attributes of an active, reflective, sensing, intuitive, visual, and verbal learner. Nevertheless, the score also reveals that I posses a bias for a sequential as opposed to a global learner. These attributes indeed give a unique perspective of my learning style.

The attributes work in favor of my most important pursuit: to judiciously pursue a career as a polished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and an independent authority as a consultant to companies regarding emerging financial issues. The attributes also provide me an firm platform on which I can be able to reverse the current poor financial health status witnessed in many companies as a result of fraudulent activities.

In today’s professional world, the most effective workers are well endowed with hands-on capabilities to handles rising situations. In this regard, through active learning I will propose new mechanisms to my employer that will improve the financial health of the situation. Similarly, in implementing a proposed mechanism that has never been tried before will entail thinking reflectively about the planned course of action in order to assess the possible faults.

Discovering fraud in an organization may take a significant amount of time for an auditor. By possessing a sensing capability, I will apply standard accounting procedures to trace the root of a financial scandal and in the process unearth all the culprits. Since fraudsters are clever in closing all the possible loop holes to a financial scandal by possibly diverting the link to innocent victims, this will require utilizing intuitive skills to establish the possibilities and relationships in a specific financial fraud.

Being able to visually decode a financial scheme is one of the most important traits of a good Certified Public Accountant. For example, this may involve analyzing the relational chart of an organization. An effective Certified Public Accountant should also be in a position to pass across information with clarity. Hence, in explaining the relational chart of a financial scheme without the possession of effective verbal skill s, this can be a major challenge. In this regard, I am planning to put good use of m verbal capabilities to communicate effectively within the organizational setting.

Sequence is an important factor in the accounting profession. In order for a corporation to achieve its financial objectives, the functional parameters will be based upon a  specific sequence of activities. Hence, through mastery of the assigned processes and procedures, I will achieve my duties in an efficient manner. Imagine a finance department of an organization operating with no reference to a specific procedure, this will mean no achievement of the desired objectives. In addition, by having a mastery of the processes required when preparing the financial statements and reporting financial information, this will increase my chances of discovering any activities that are fraudulent in nature. This is because it will be possible to trace back the cause by projecting a linear model.

In this regard, I intend to make use of my attributes to passionately contribute to the field of accounting. In the end, through the changes that will be able to achieve, this will form an important landscape of my career by achieving my career objectives.

Connecting Learning to What’s Important. Custom Connecting Learning to What’s Important Essay Writing Service || Connecting Learning to What’s Important Essay samples, help

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