Correctional Workers

In order to be able to pass on good values to others, it is vital that an individual possesses them. Being an effective correctional worker requires an individual who upholds moral values and is keen on the skills learnt over time. Effectiveness is especially attained if it is based on personal strengths and values (Clear, Cole & Reisig, 2010).

a) Patience

In order to be able to help individuals in correctional centers, patience is of utmost importance. This is due to the fact that they may not be willing to change their ways immediately. Being patient with them ensures that they eventually understand the importance of changing their unacceptable behavior.

b) Strong-willed

As the leader during the correctional process, it is extremely crucial that one shows the willingness to initiate change. This will work well towards helping the affected individuals accept the need for change. Being strong-willed will draw their attention and in the process, they will get the help that they require.

c) Ethical

Upholding ethical and moral values is also important. This is because one ought to set a good example to the affected individuals. This is because being unethical in one’s dealings will portray a bad image and this could cause lack of trust or beliefs in the things that one tries to pass on these individuals.

d) Understanding

It is also vital to be understanding. This would help a great deal in being able to deal with individual according to their problem. This eases the correctional process, and also makes it fast. As a result, vice is eliminated from the society early enough before it is too late.

e) Open-minded

In order to positively engage in the correctional process, it is crucial to be open-minded. This is because things may not turn out as expected. Being open-minded helps in coping with failures in cases where individuals are not willing to change. Moreover, the eventual change should not be coerced but rather from a person’s conscience.

Given that I possess all these values, I believe that I would be an effective correctional worker.



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