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The District attorneys pre-trial diversion program has been around for a while. It prevents any person who has committed a nonviolent crime for the first time from going through the traditional court system. The defendant must admit that they are guilty and must be a first time offender. A defendant should go through educational training, perform community service, take part in counseling also report to the pre-trial program when required to perform such duties, as part of the program. The aim of the Pre-trail program is assisting the defendants who have committed minor crimes not to get a criminal record. This program also reduces the load of work for the courts thus prominent cases are attended to with the required urgency.

Those who have gone through the Pre-Trial Diversion need further monitoring and training to help them keep off crime. Such person’s posse the necessary ability and skills to work in the justice department as it will assist them to keep off future crime Also; it will help them to experience first hand what happens if they continue in their criminal ways.

Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists’

Guilty people often get put on probation instead of being sentenced to prison. In addition, persons who have completed their jail sentence are most of the time released into probation. During these two different periods of time, probation and parole, the guilty persons should keep off trouble and meet preset conditions and requirements presented to them. Parole officers, correctional treatment specialist and probation officers work with the offenders helping them to avoid committing new crimes and thus keeping them out of prison.

Probation officers
Probation officers are also known as community supervision officers in some states. Their work is to supervise those offenders placed on probation. Similarly, parole officers perform almost the same duties as probation officers only that parole officers supervise and monitor those who have served their jail term and been released. On the other hand, correctional treatment specialist also referred to as correctional counselors or case managers, provide counseling services to those who are on probation or parole and enable hem to get rehabilitated and transformed from their life in crime (Gaines & LeRoy, 2011).

Parole and probation officers monitor the offenders on probation through personal contact with the offenders and their environment. They do not wait for the offenders to come to them rather they visit the offenders in their home or places of work. This is to establish if and positive rehabilitation is taking place. The probation and parole officers do not work alone, rather, they use the help of neighborhood groups, religious institutions and local residents to supervise and monitor the behavior of the offenders placed under them. Sometimes, the offenders should wear electronic devices on their ankles to enable their movements and location to be monitored at all times, as required by law. The probation and parole officers may arrange in some exceptional cases for the offender to obtain substance abuse rehabilitation or even job training if need be. In some states, the job performed by the probation officer and parole officer put together. Because of this, each officer acts as both a parole and probation officer.

Probation officers carry out investigation on the accused and then they use the results to write out pre-sentence reports and prescribe sentences for the offenders. They then go over the recommended sentencing with the offenders and their close families if there are any. They then present these recommendations to the court. Sometimes, probation officers may be required to testify as to their investigations and recommendations to the court. They also attend the offenders' court hearings to provide information to the court as to the offenders attempt at rehabilitation. In addition, whether the offenders have complied to the terms given to them by the court (Siege, 2010).

Criminal Justice Careers. Custom Criminal Justice Careers Essay Writing Service || Criminal Justice Careers Essay samples, help

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