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Correctional Treatment Specialists. Custom Correctional Treatment Specialists Essay Writing Service || Correctional Treatment Specialists Essay samples, help

Correctional treatment specialists work in jail or probation or parole agencies. If the correctional treatment specialist is working in a prison or jail, then his/her work is to evaluate the prisoners’ progress by making use of psychological tests or even questionnaires. They work jointly with parole agencies to come up with parole planes for the inmates when they get released. They also write case reports regard the inmates stay in prison and their likelihood of committing another crime. These case reports get presented to the parole board when the inmate are eligible to be released.

Another immensely crucial task for the correctional treatment specialist is to provide the offender with education and training programs during their stay in jail. They also provide the inmate with anger management, coping techniques, sex and drug abuse counseling. This helps in inmates rehabilitations. During these counseling sessions, they usually write up notes on preferred treatment for each client.

The number of cases that a correctional treatment specialist, probation officers and even parole officers depend on the needs of the offenders under them. This is due to higher risk offenders need more monitoring and more time in counseling. These correctional officers also make use of technology such as electronic monitoring equipment and drug screening equipment. Computers, fax machines and telephones also enable these officers to handle their caseload.

Work environment

Correctional treatment specialists’ work with criminals who may be extraordinarily dangerous, as they may not be totally reformed from their crimes. In addition, they have to deal with upset or even angry family members to the offender who may find them a bother. These officers may also be assigned to areas that are high crime areas. They may also work in institutions with high risks of violent attacks from the inmates (Cree, 2010).

These officers should strictly meet all court deadlines they should also carry out extensive fieldwork as they meet with the offenders on parole or probation. Some time depending on the risk brought about by their work, the probation officers may carry firearms for their protection. All these factors may lead to a precise stress filled work environment, which may make their work more difficult than expected. However, many workers get personal satisfaction from the rehabilitated and productive offenders that become of the former lawbreakers.

Training and qualifications

A bachelors degree in psychology, criminal justice, social work or any other related fields required. Some agencies require a master’s degree in the above fields for candidates with no previous work experience. Most of the correctional treatment specialists and probation officers should undergo a training program as required by law. This program gets paid for by their federal or state government. After this a certification test gets performed. Ne also requires working for one year on probation before acquiring permanent employment.

Other necessities for these jobs are such as physical tests psychological, written and oral tests. Sometimes computer literacy is an advantage to the applicant.


These two jobs, probation officers and correctional treatment specialist are outstanding examples of jobs in which those who have undergone pre-trial diversion program can work. This will assist them to help rehabilitate those who continued in their life, in crime, unlike them. It is also much easier foe them to communicate with the offenders since they were also offenders at some point in their life.

When a person who has undergone pre-trial diversion becomes probation or corrections training specialist it helps them to keep off any future criminal acts. This is because they get first hand experience of what happening to those caught in crime.

Correctional Treatment Specialists. Custom Correctional Treatment Specialists Essay Writing Service || Correctional Treatment Specialists Essay samples, help

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