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The references used in the study are reliable, as they provide information that definitely helps in understanding the technical concepts of computer games programming. The sources of the information relied on studies that had been carried earlier in the same field. The article tries to compare the requirements of advanced programming and that of starters. The data corrected is, therefore, reliable, based on the requirement of game programming followed by students. This instruction helped students to direct the study objectives. The study adopted a coding in identifying the extent, to which the students were able to use creators. These creators were believed to correspond to important concepts used in the field of computing. The coding system was the most appropriate in looking for properties in the area where improvements were needed.

The research played a major role proving that early preparation of students in the fields of computing was crucial. This is because important information is provided to potential computer programmers in order to help the students to think and work in a computational manner and aid them in navigation and contribution to new technologies. This in turn has positive effects to the society due to the provision of computer programmers’ genre. The society, thus, has a ready labor market in the field of computing.

The nurturing of students early would have an effect of motivating them in the pursuance of computer science career, which will in turn provide an opportunity for advancement of the field. This is due to the fact that the students are adequately equipped, and thus they focus on innovation and invention of new programs.

The study focused on girl students, who used to shy away from this field of computing. The study indicates that early preparation motivates and propels the student to produce programs. It shows that they are capable of understanding the concepts of computing when programming their computer games. The future studies will help girls to understand the role played by features of the tools used. Moreover, additional tool features help code organization. These involve requiring naming and giving feedback with rules used in the process of programming. Thus, it will in turn assist students in increasing the correctness and complexity of their programming. The article provides the insight of what is required for motivation of students in middle schools to pursue the career of computing, as they will be adequately prepared.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the society at large to encourage the girl-child to venture into the field of computing. We are living in a world where gender equality is the talk of the day. This means that we must live the talk and do something to enhance equality. Encouraging the girl child to participate in boy-majority classes will ensure that the gender imbalance I done away with. Students need to be nurtured early enough so that they realize that nothing is impossible. This will also ensure that they grow up with a positive attitude towards all fields of study.

Computer Science Career. Custom Computer Science Career Essay Writing Service || Computer Science Career Essay samples, help

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