This is one of the most versatile ancient forms of art in the twentieth century. It was founded by a Spanish Pablo Picasso and a French Georges Braque in Paris between the years of 1907 and 1924.

The founders of this art work are inclined to think that art should not always resemble nature, but instead it should adopt the double dimension of title and structures of the canvas. So they fractured the item into pieces of cubes that were layer resembled. This was painted in such a way that they brought out some theme.

The image looked like the pieces of glass that a geometrical angular shapes in an open field.

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Images were perceived in a way that they are made of small facets that are joined and can be visualized in their original being. Art was more of the conventional style than the representation of life, like image or anything similar (Boguslawski page).

The essence of cubism was to try to reproduce the images as perceived by brain. The purpose was to bring out the effect of all sorts of understanding about the image in question. Here, the power of the mind was put into practice to reproduce the images in small facets that enabled proper understanding of the images (The Metropolitan Messium of Art).

This form of art has, however, raised different reactions across the domain of artistic gallery. In attempts to embrace this art style the entire global art community had their own influences and it led to a different understanding (Philadelphia Museum of Art).

Abstract Expressionism

This is a form of art that employed the use of dripping and pouring of thin paint on the canvas to create an impression. It was developed in 1947 by various people, including Pollack. The developers have mainly shared the opinion that art was supposed to be an imagination to unknown world that sought to bring up the images of unknown origin. Images become critical since they are of the imaginary world. The first generation of abstract expressionism came to limelight in between1943 and mid-1950s. This made a massive transfer of the world’s attention from Paris to network art galleries.

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The artworks were seen at exhibitions, showcased in the travelling agents, and in various publications. The breakthrough of the second generation was based on the first generation’s success. The second generation improved the art altogether, but without imitating the old art (The Metropolitan Messium of Art).

The developers were compelled by the dark side of men, the relative exposure of feelings and their reaction to various situations. The need to bring out these feelings and the vulnerability led the radical development of this type of art. Fueled by the world war and the irrationality of the effects of war the developers wanted to come up with the new fine artistic impression.

Abstract expressionism has always been developing themes that could be understood to convey the ideologies of the face of the imaginary world that is more irrational. The image was such that they could be categorically placed in classes that highly depended on the individual understanding and the artist’s impression (

A good example is the gesture images created by Pollock back in the 1947. In this impression the art images were created on the raw canvas. These images were not objective in their subject of convenience. The authenticity of the artist’s messages is maintained by the uniqueness of the images, where the identity of the artist was evident in the art image itself. The signature of the artist served as the evidence of painting. The canvas became more of an arena and it presented a site where the artist found platform to make presentations, because images varied like how acting could vary in the theater of arts.

The color used in an image is another good example of abstract expressionism. The colors were made to lay in afield like presentation with a stretching path. These impressions were made by the likes of Rothko and Newman. The contribution made by Rothko employed the soft edged rectangles with luminescent colors. The impression brings out clearly an emotional authenticity and makes an effect on the viewers.

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As for Newman, the image had an impression that made a calm condition presented with serenity.

While both are artistic presentations, they represent the artists’ mind and bring out the desired understanding of the situation. Varied interpretations can be drawn from the images and paintings. 

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