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The Socio-Cultural Impact of World War I

America suffered a great impact following the world war. Most individuals had to cope with the effects of the aftermath of the war. As much as most vices arose during this period, some families were also united due to the crisis. The mass migrations gave America some form. Stronger businesses came up as some perished. It brought with it rise in crime rates due to high rate of unemployment. Suicide and prostitution rates also were on the rise. Alcoholism increased as individuals to hide from the reality.

The access to medical care was extremely minimal. Access to higher education was very minimal as the Universities and colleges could admit very few students (Randall 2005). The schools on the other hand, had very high enrolment rates with most males in school than their female counterparts. The schools were understaffed and this forced most of them to close down.

Population patterns changed greatly. Marriages were delayed as the males had to wait till they could fully provide for their spouses before proposing. Divorce reduced while the rate of abandonment rose as most husbands chose to run away from their families due to failure to provide for them. Birth rates dropped exponentially as most people decided to practice family planning programs so as to have a manageable family. Mass migrations occurred as the upstate New York lost individuals seeking greener pastures.



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