“Religious Right”

Lyndon Johnson was a Texan senator who commanded majority of the senate in his days just before becoming the vice president to Kennedy. He believed in things being done properly. As the President, he used his powers in an aggressive manner to bring down the rate of poverty in the country. (Walker 1995). The term The Great Society was crafted by Johnson to describe the agenda he had in the reform sector. He brought in the Civil Rights Bill. He pushed for tax reduction on the economic front. The poor were given a forum in the health, housing and education sectors. During his tenure, the congress enacted the health insurance programs. He succeeded in the provision of elementary and secondary education. A new housing Act was implemented. The transport sector received a major improvement as the safety in the sector was greatly improved. There was a lot activity in the legislative assembly.

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The conservative revolution really reshaped the American politics. These movements wrote magazines, developed organizations and seized the control of Republicans in the country (Sherman 2004). President Reagan was a very optimistic man who would stop at nothing when dealing with an evil empire.

The end of the cold war was escalated by the reforms carried out in the Soviet Union. These had effects in other countries like Hungary and Poland. Hungary opened the way for Austria which prompted East Germans to escape via Hungary in a serious mass migration (Sheehan 2003). Due to nationwide protests, the Berlin was brought down on the 9th of November, 1989 at around 10pm.

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