The Civil Rights Act of 1964

The civil rights movements reached the climax when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 plus the Voting Rights of 1965 was passed by the congress. It guaranteed all Americans equal rights regardless of class or race (Sherman 2004). This sparked massive Human Rights Movements which included the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Sit ins, Freedom Rides, Birmingham, Washington March, Mississippi and Freedom Summer and the Selma. These movements really shaped the lives of Americans especially the African Americans.

Vietnam war took long that is approximately 30 years. It was fought between the northern allies and the Southern allies of Vietnam (Sheehan 2003). The Viet Cong were against the Southern Allies comprising of The US. The actual war began in 1954, but conflicts had begun much earlier. This came about as a result of rise to power of Ho Chi Minh with his communist party Viet Minh. Several civilians died in the war with more than half being Vietnamese. It led to very bitter divisions among Americans. In 1973, President ordered the withdrawal of the troops from Vietnam. In 1975, the Communist forces controlled Saigon and this brought the war to an end with unification of the country the following year as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

In 1848, there was the first women convention in New York, particularly at the Seneca Falls. Here, they signed the Declaration of Sentiments. It proposed the agenda for the movement (Sheehan 2003). Equal treatment for men and women was called for. Voting rights for women was also demanded.

In 1850, The first National Women’s Rights Convention is held in Worcester, Mass. In May 1869, the Women National Suffrage Association is formed to look at the voting rights of women. In December the same year, the Wyoming territory passes the first suffrage law allowing women to serve on the juries. In 1890, the two bodies merge to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association (Walker 1995). In 1893, Colorado grants the women’s voting rights and this is followed in other states in a sequential manner till 1918. August 26th 1920, constitutional amendments are done granting women full voting rights and safer working conditions.



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