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The American History

America has been undergoing ecolological, cultural and economic changes. In the history of America, communalism was common as people used to work together and support one another. Today there is increased individualism as people has different interests and different beliefs. The development of America has led to destruction of natural areas. Construction of concrete houses and tarmac roads; and activities like mining has lead to loss of biodiversity. The economic activities that used to be exercised in the past have been replaced by industries that use machine in production of different commodities.

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Soil Exhaustion in the Tidelands region of Atlantic Coast is one of the ecological changes that have occurred in America. The environment has undergone many changes since the beginning of the history of America due to development taking place. There are various natural resources found on the Tidelands of the Atlantic. Minerals and oil have led to soil exhaustion, as the companies extract these resources. Coastline has beaches and islands that attract investors to find a place suitable for their businesses. Hotels and other infrastructure, like roads, have been built along the coastal lands. Developments have resulted to the natural areas being changed to hotels and other activity areas. Construction of buildings in the coastal areas can cause soil erosions that lead to soil degradation.

Recreation activities in the Tidelands region of Atlantic coast have increased the degradation of the coastal soil. Tourist activities, like waste littering on the beaches by the tourists, have also resulted to soil exhaustions in the coastal areas. Tourists visit the beaches especially during summer in large numbers. This exerts pressure on the coastal areas that led to soil exhaustion. This soil erosion leads to natural areas being lost to development the recreation activities.

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The only way that the Governments can regulate development of businesses on beaches and islands is by withholding infrastructure funding, and other types of governmental support for development on the coastal areas. The government should not take part in the developing projects that lead to loss of biodiversity in the coastal areas. Government should also prohibit construction of structures on sensitive hazard-prone territories. This only minimizes the effect of development on environment.

Urban industrial society includes the development of industries in the urban areas that make use of technology in production of goods and services. There are industrial cities in America that have industries that use technology for mass production. The industries use capital intensive labor compare to that intensive labor in the past. There is use of mechanization in the industries that have increased products quantity and quality. This is contrary to the past, when the production involved the work of slaves, who used simple tools to make work easier.

African American Protestantism is a denomination in African American culture. In the past some slaves joined slavery as a consolation that they should love their masters, because the last are also their brothers and sisters in Christ. During the Great Awakening that took place between 1720 and 1740, some Blacks joined the Evangelical churches like Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian. The Second Awakening that was between 1790 and 1815 attracted many slaves, and free black people to Evangelical Protestantism.

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In the early twentieth century, the African American Blacks began to migrate from the rural areas to the cities; African American religion underwent further diversification. Baptist associations, and black Methodist denominations have become the mainstream churches for the black people in urban communities. Today much more African American people are Christians. They attend protestant churches, compared to the past where very few Blacks were Christians, and there were no churches for them. Though their religion has some African characteristics, like singing, and praying very loudly, they have a denomination that is known as African American Protestantism. (Jones, 2010)

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