Art History

The two arts both represent an artist impression and they sent the message to the audience. They both convey the artist’s impression. The message targets the audience appreciating the art scene. They consider the human behavior, such as imagination, thinking and reactivity to environment, and all the feelings that humanity has to bring about the message target to the audience. The art impressions represent the ancient times, thoughts and ideas. They are all representing the ideas that can only be understood by using the artistic language and their interpretation requires that the audience had the passion for the artistic figures.

Both impressions can evoke varied feelings from the audience and can have impact on the people’s understanding of the nature and its beings.

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Having both been developed in the early times, cubism was developed earlier than abstract expressionism, which led to drawing of attention to New York. While cubism is all about the representation of art by use of the pieces of facets to bring about the intended art and impression, abstract expressionism is about dipping the paint and dripping on the canvas.

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The images of the cubism art appear like small pieces of glass that are arranged in a pattern that bring the desired image. The impression sought to bring the effect of the eye of the brain and make an understanding of various dimensions, while the abstract expressionism was based on putting the images on a raw canvas with much attention paid to the nature of the desired impression.

Abstract expressionism was based on the people’s feelings, vulnerabilities in relation to circumstances and predispositions and exposure to various situations, whereas cubism was majorly about the imaginary world. The likely hood of having reality presentation in the art was higher in the abstract expressionism than in cubism. The effects of the world wars were made a source of creativity in the abstract expressionism, unlike in cubism where images were created from nothing.

Cubism developers had it mind the importance of having creativity from the imaginary world and paid less attention to the world within the reach of the audience, unlike the abstract expressionism where the developers were focused on the reality of the world around, the feeling of the audience was taken into consideration.

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Abstract expressionism has had progressive changes over time; new generations have developed since the establishment of the first art images. This breakthrough has been associated with the success of the first generation’s art, unlike cubism that has had more advancement, but instead suffered criticism by the global art society.

No limits are drawn in cubism creativity of art, while the feelings are limited to the situation and human reaction of these circumstances. This  leads to the emotional variation in different individuals. 

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