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The Cell Phones

Cell phones can greatly interfere with learning activities especially in a situation where students use their phones carelessly. Studies reveal that students can easily lose concentration during learning if they possess many electronic gadgets in the learning environment. "There are some students who will just continually text, and teachers have often reported that they cannot complete a lesson because students are sitting texting” (Benton 2).

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Students may also forget to switch off their cell phones. Therefore, incoming phone calls and messages will disrupt the whole class (Russell 1). Detecting such cases of indiscipline may be not easy to an instructor since text messages are written silently, and an instructor may not easily identify the students who are not concentrating.

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Cheating in examinations can be enhanced by cell phones. For example, some students can search for answers through their phones. Besides this, students can receive and send examination answers to their colleagues. Moreover, a teacher may not have evidence to penalize a student who cheats in examination using a cell phone simply because they can easily delete the information after getting the answers.

Cell phone cameras may also be used for wrong purposes by students. For instance, “some kids whose cell phones have cameras take pictures and send them to their friends” (Fortner 22). Such activities can create conflicts among students. Apart from this, the victims of such actions may be affected psychologically, and this can jeopardize their studies.


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From the above discussion it is evident that cell phones have many advantages to learners, but they can also cause interference in classes if they are not properly used. Teachers should, therefore, come up with rules, which regulate the use of cell phones in classrooms. If there is a need to use one, the teacher concerned should clearly give instructions. This is because cell phones can create a lot of interference in the learning environment if proper measures are not put in place to control how they are used in classrooms. Therefore, I suggest that young students should be allowed to use phones in various class activities, but under proper guidance.

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