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Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is the systematic way that is used to collect, analyze and use the collected information in answering policy and project questions. This is especially important because stakeholders of any organization will want to know how their organizational programs are doing. Evaluation is, therefore, used as a learning tool in improving the effectiveness of an organization.

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Evaluating of programs on a regular basis can improve the effectiveness and management of an organization. The evaluation can also improve the organization’s programs. A well run organization with an effective program is that which can demonstrate achieving good results. Good results are achieved from good management which is as a result of good decision making. Good decisions can be made from good information. All the above are significant elements of evaluation and managers need to conduct internal evaluations so that they are able to make sound decisions. Internal evaluation involves the managers, staff and beneficiaries and this kind of collaboration helps to build commitment to the participants. Articulating the purpose of evaluation for the organization will prevent immature decision making but provide necessary approach on how the decision should be made to bring about the expected results (The importance of Evaluation, 2005).

To effectively carry out program evaluation, it requires a lot of understanding on the differences of monitoring and evaluation at different levels of the organization by the manager. Despite this, program evaluation has been very useful in our organization. It has been used as a driving force for planning any program and improving existing programs while demonstrating the results of resource investment. Through program evaluation, our organization has been able to understand program evaluation, the effectiveness of programs and be able to examine strengths and weaknesses of a program. It is, however, important to understand and apply the elements of program evolution in order to plan or improve existing programs. 

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