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Cell Phones in the Classroom

According to the Beach School system regulations, middle and high school students are allowed to have cell phones in school, but they can only use them after a completed instructional day. However, last year my daughter was attending middle school and in one of her classes she was required to use her cell phone to log her homework and test dates. The teacher found that the students responded better if they used their phones as a planner instead of the normal paperback. Even today in high school where the policy has not changed, my daughter is using her cell for her accelerated courses.  I found that ironic since this was against the school’s policy and Student Code of Conduct. “Public school systems have policies in place for cell phone use in the classroom; the issue seems to cause debate on whether or not cell phones have an actual educational place in the classroom” (Virginia Beach City Public Schools 1).

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Modern cell phones are sophisticated and can perform several applications, which can facilitate effective learning. For instance, “in some North Carolina high schools students are using their phones to calculate Algebra equations” (Stansbury 1).

Learners can make use of cell phones’ cameras to capture important scenes during field trips. The video clips can be of great importance to the students during report writing. Besides this, the digital cameras can enable students to document multimedia presentations. Moreover, a student can capture information written by an instructor on the board and send it to his or her colleague who is absent.

Some cell phones are equipped with wireless internet features which can enhance online research among students. Access to the internet also enables students to form online discussion groups. Hence, they can avoid holding discussions physically. This mode of discussion is appropriate to shy students who may not be comfortable to express themselves in front of their colleagues.

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Many students usually find it rather cumbersome to use the dictionaries owing to their bulky nature. This challenge can be surmounted by accessing dictionaries online through cell phones. For example, a student can easily get definitions of vocabularies on the internet.

Built-in clock is another significant feature of cell phones, and it can be used by both instructors and students to time group activities. This will enhance concentration of students because they will not be worried about time management. Consequently, students will be more focused on their learning tasks. By setting the timers, students can perform speed tests more effectively since they will not glance at the classroom clock.

Cell phones are more convenient to students who like reading online because they are interactive (Benton 1). Students can access and download learning materials from class web page. Hence, they do not have to carry had copy text books home. Moreover, students can also do some quizzes through their cell phones.

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Cell phones can be used for communicating to parents instead of letters.  In this case, students can inform their parents about their progress in school by recording audio dispatches and sending them to their parents.

Lastly, cell phones can assist students in planning their school activities. A student can make diary and also preset various reminders in his or her cell phone. This will prevent students from forgetting and missing important activities. They will also remember to do their assignments on time.

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