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Poor Motorist Performance

Major road accidents in the U.S. are caused by risky driving. In New York, for instance, pedestrians’ death toll is high as compared to that of drivers in road crashes. It is estimated that two thirds of the fatalities recorded occurred to the pedestrians who were crossing the road when the light was in their favor. In most situations, the motorists were driving very fast, therefore, causing accidents but were blaming the pedestrians for darting out in front of them hence they had no time to react. Risky driving includes drivers ignoring road signs, changing lanes suddenly and failing to halt for obstructions ahead, failing to yield and disregard to oncoming vehicles, tailgating, driving under the influence of alcohol or related drugs, and even  multi-tasking while driving is causing death to many American citizens (USA-Legal Help Center).

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Nowadays many people are driving including under aged drivers. This has come about because of upward growth in the country’s economy. Therefore, you find that many people have money at their disposal hence tend to buy luxuries like cars. This has brought into the roads many drivers some of whom are not well trained in driving courses. Many don’t apply the learnt driving skills into practice as they say it is just driving after all. You find that they don’t pay much attention to the roads as taught earlier in driving institutions; they don’t check the real-view car mirrors carefully hence causing accidents (USA-Legal Help Center).

Therefore, many Americans do not die due to accidents but rather it is due to avoidable mistakes like avoiding driving while drunk, paying keen attention when driving, avoiding multi-tasking like texting while driving, and even obeying road signs.

Mechanical problems known to cause road accidents include failure of the braking system, worn out or uneven wear and under inflated tires. Despite mechanical issues being known to cause road crashes, it’s estimated that it only accounts for about 5 per cent of total road accidents (Car Insurance). The above mechanical problems can be encountered by making sure that your vehicle is done inspections occasionally by specified personnel. Also driving carefully would prevent mechanical problems like uneven wear and tear.

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Mechanical Issues 

Road Condition, Design and Maintenance

Poor conditions of the road may be caused by bad weather, lack of frequent road maintenance, or stop-and-go traffic which prevents the free flow of traffic and it is termed to be most dangerous in causing road crashes as motorists are more concerned on being rear-ended forgetting the cars in front of them hence causing rear-end accident. A road design becomes an issue where signs are blocked, places of blind turns, and also temporary diversions created when the road is under construction (Car Insurance). Places where there are blind turns and temporary diversions the driver has to be more careful when driving to avoid accidents. Abiding to traffic rules in areas were the road is under construction would also prevent unnecessary road crashes.

The diagram below shows a road accident caused by snow (bad weather) 

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As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, so as it should be applied in road safety. Risky driving should be avoided at all costs. This includes desisting from careless driving, doing away with multi-tasking while driving, following road safety measures and signs to the latter, and avoiding excessive drinking of alcohol. All drivers should practice safety first. Moreover, drivers and pedestrians should obey road rules and regulations every time when on the road. 

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