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The textbook was intended for creative classes or fiction classes and contains contemporary short stories of critical nature. O’Connor summarizes it as “tale of redemptive grace in a fallen world.” (O’connor). This paper will focus on the different character’s flaws that led to the downfall of man.

In the book, the grandmother and the Misfit are shown to have many flaws and weaknesses.

The first character is the grandmother. She is shown to be an annoying woman, uncaring of other people and one who is extremely manipulative in spite of the death of her son and grandchildren. Due to her manipulative ways, she destroys herself by taking a wrong path. Her selfish behavior does not help either and makes her not the best grandmother. She later comes to realize that the will of other people may outweigh her sometimes. The grandmother receives grace despite lying to her grandchildren and manipulating her son. Another irony is seen whereby the grandmothers consider herself morally superior than others. She believes her consciousness as the “good leader,” in whatever she does.

Another character is Misfit who serves as the antagonist. He is the one shown assisting grandmother during her transformation. He is shown to be an evil man who later kills the grandmother. He is shown to become a good man after killing grandmother. The Misfit thus is shown to live in a moral code of assassination and remorselessness. He kills Bailey and John Wesley and then he shoots the grandmother and later his henchmen kill Bailey’s wife.

Characters in the A good man is hard to find like grandmother and Misfit have some serious character flaws. Men are viewed as evil beings and brutal in character, through Misfit especially due to the killings of grandmother, Bailey, his son and his wife.



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