Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is any sexual act between two people where one exerts unnecessary power over the other and forcibly persuades the other to have any kind of sexual act with him/her. Sexual violence, especially against children, exploits and degrades children. It leads to depression, hopelessness and self destructive and anti-social behaviors. As a national and as individuals, we have a collective responsibility to prevent child abuse. To successfully accomplish this, we need to strengthen child abuse prevention services in support of the children. We ought to advocate for more legislation concerning child protection, promote research, train and educate the public to effectively address risk factors associated with sexual violence (PCA America, 2005).

According to ACHA, it recognizes sexual violence as a serious crime and as a public health issues a result, they have developed healthy objectives that serve as a basis to develop programs and plans that will help reduce sexual violence and generally improve health. Michelle (2010) points out that sexual abuse is a growing epidemic. It is estimated that in the U.S., 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys will be sexually abused before they reach maturity.

Preventing child abuse it is recommended that while in school, measures are put in place to reduce such acts. Another step is for school leaders to be armed with the right information how such acts occur and communicate them with the parents and the general public. Talking about the problem will help reduce sexual violence (Mitchell, 2000). Other important steps will be to educate the public to refrain from sexual abuse, explore and evaluate new approaches to sexual violence while shifting prevention of child abuse from fellow students to adults. Seidler (2010) asserts that as a community, we should develop ‘zero tolerance’ to sexual offenders while focusing on individual level change instead of community based initiatives.

Lastly, Kenny andWurtele 2009), advises that for counselors dealing with sexual violence victims should first understand their problem as this is a multidimensional and complex problem with varying consequences. Generally, all of us should make a difference in prevention of sexual violence castigate it occurrence in the strongest terms possible.



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